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Case Studies


Retrofit of multiple apartment buildings with ICMS Internet Communication Management System and Weather accuated controls

“We noticed a fuel savings of 10 to 12% just by installing the Platinum Heat-Timer controls,” said Carleton. This confirmed what Carleton had been told by other owners who had applied Heat-Timer weather actuated controls – that the controls typically yield a minimum 10% to 15% savings.


Product Used: Communication: Internet | Platinum: HWR (Hot Water) | Platinum: HWRQ (Hot Water) | Platinum: MPC (Steam) | Sensor: OTM (Oil Tank Monitor) | Sensors | Sensors: Oil Filter Monitoring Kit




Heat-Timer Controls Conquer Unusually Challenging Steam Distribution at Executive House Apartments”

It was a scenario that Glenn Godell, President of Trojan Energy Systems has seen many times. Updating the control system with modulating boiler controls, replacing aged out steam valves, and incorporating outdoor reset typically works wonders. And for much of the Executive House apartment building it did.


Product Used: Communication: Internet | Platinum: Multi-MOD (Modulating) | Platinum: SRC (Vacuum) | Sensors: Wireless Network Sensor System




Control Upgrades Yield Remarkably High Payback at Big Six Apartments

“We were overheating the complex and there’s only so much running around we could do,” said Mr. Olech. “We were also spending too much money on fuel.”


  Product Used: Communication: Internet | Motorized Valves (2-Way and 3-Way) | Platinum: Multi-MOD (Modulating) | Platinum: SRC (Vacuum)




MPC Platinum Series. Control’s Programming options Offer Extra Blessings for Church

“Even before I visited the site, I knew the Heat-Timer controls would help because I’d been told by the parish priest that the heating was all over the place,” said Mr. Elovecky, who listed the MPC Platinum Series as an option on his quote to Petro.


  Product Used: Platinum: MPC (Steam)




Central Steam to Onsite Boiler Plant Conversion Yields a 3 Year Payback for Kips Bay Towers

The fact that Heat-Timer controls are non-proprietary and easy to use has made Vincent Logozzo, of Abilene, Inc. a loyal user. “That’s the main reason we install so much Heat-Timer equipment. It is very contractor friendly. And Heat-Timer’s technical support is impeccable.”


  Product Used: Communication: Internet | DIGI-SPAN® MC-Elite Series | Motorized Valves (2-Way and 3-Way) | Platinum: HWR (Hot Water) | Platinum: Multi-MOD (Modulating) | ETV – Electronic Tempering Valve Control




NYC Property Enhances Efficiency and Reduces Other Costs with Boiler Controls, Sensors, and Remote Communications

“The technology literally puts me right at the boiler control panel, whether I’m at home, at the office, or on vacation,” said Dominick Rutigliano, Sr., owner and patriarch of the family-owned corporation.


  Product Used:Communication: Internet | Platinum: MPC (Steam)





Multi-MOD Control Sustains Efficiency of Replacement Boiler System at Westin Hotel

The system had its limitations. Chief Engineer, John Bulom, was well aware that during the summertime the hotel lost a great deal of heating btus up the stack, since the main boilers basically idled 24/7 in order to meet the characteristically high fluctuation in demand that is typical of any hotel.


  Product Used: Platinum: Multi-MOD (Modulating)





Negative Pressure Makes for Positive Results at St. Mary Schools

“It was costing us approximately $40,000.00 annually to heat the high school and another $14,000.00 to heat the elementary school,” remarked Joe Cascone, Facilities Manager for the Church of Saint Mary. Given the size of the two schools, 40,000 sq. ft. and 18,000 sq. ft. respectively, no one could argue that fuel cost had gotten out of hand.


  Product Used: DIGI-SPAN® SPC-Elite





Heat-Timer Provides Two Decades of Solutions to Large Apartment Complex– One Innovation at a Time

According to Marsanico, sheer acreage has been his toughest challenge in his 20+ years with Clearview Gardens Corporation. With 35 separate boiler rooms serving 1788 units of this multi-building apartment complex, heating issues are a fact of life. Being aware of them before a tenant complains, and being able to resolve them quickly before they cost the complex money, has always been his toughest challenge.


  Product Used: Communication: Internet | Platinum: HWR (Hot Water) | Sensors: Mini-MIG





New Controls & Vacuum Steam System Restore Peace, Quiet, and Comfort at St. Alphonsus Retreat Center

“Because the boilers were manually operated, if one failed on a mild day when no one was around, the building temperature might drop as low as the upper 50’s before I got a call from the resident priest. It might take 5 hours for me to get the heat going again,” said O’Callaghan.


  Product Used: Communication: Internet | Platinum: MPC (Steam) | Platinum: Multi-MOD (Modulating) | Platinum: SRC (Vacuum)





Heat-Timer Multi-MOD Breathes New Life into Steam Boilers at Biopharmaceutical Company ImClone Systems

The boilers, used primarily for HVAC and some weekend process steam generation, were approximately 20 years old. Continuous growth at the facility, and rudimentary control, had pushed the boilers to their service limit.


  Product Used:Platinum: Multi-MOD (Modulating)




Bellagio In Bloom: Heat-Timer Helps Hotel Greenhouse Deliver Lush Flora Year Round

Controlling the growth of the plants was an absolute necessity. An on-site greenhouse was the only means of achieving the kind of perfection that Bellagio was after. The next challenge was designing a greenhouse environment that could be finely tuned to grow and store flowers.


  Product Used: Platinum: HWRQ (Hot Water) | SCP-6 (System Control Panel)(Obsolete)




Heat-Timer Upgrades Result in 10-15% Savings For Campus Apartments, Inc.

The apartment buildings varied in size and boiler equipment. Uncontrollable heat was a problem shared by all the properties, resulting in too many maintenance calls and inefficiency.


  Product Used: Communication: Internet | Platinum: HWR (Hot Water) | Platinum: HWRQ (Hot Water) | Platinum: MPC (Steam) | Platinum: MPCQ (Steam)




Philadelphia Hospital Resolves Temperature Control Problems with TMC & Tempering Valve

Controlling domestic hot water temperatures in healthcare facilities.


  Product Used: Valve: Precision Tempering Valves | Valve: TMC and Solenoid Valves




Visual Gold® Solves Mountainous Problems For California Transportation

Accessibility. That was the greatest challenge California Transportation faced when it came to supporting the heat system at their maintenance facilities in the northern mountains of California.


  Product Used: Communication: Internet | Platinum: HWR (Hot Water)




Payback Is SWEET When Fannie May Installs MOD-4 Boiler Control

The same 4-boiler system provided steam for domestic hot water, building heat, and process cooking. As a result, they has to contend with wildly fluctuating demands.


  Product Used: Platinum: Multi-MOD (Modulating)




Radiant Heat and Control System Increases Comfort & Well-Being at Banff Hot Springs

The high sulfur content in the spring water had badly corroded nearly all of the piping at one of the oldest recreational hot springs , situated in the heart of ski country.


  Product Used: DIGI-SPAN® HWE-Elite & SEQ-3 Series | DIGI-SPAN® RSM-Elite | DIGI-SPAN® SPC-Elite




Westport Mansion Gets State-of-the-Art Comfort with American Made Controls

The owners of the newly erected 10,000 sq. ft. stone mansion wanted the best, most comfortable heating system money could buy.


  Product Used: DIGI-SPAN® HWE-Elite & SEQ-3 Series | Motorized Valves (2-Way and 3-Way) | Platinum: SRC (Vacuum) | SQ-Elite Series | ZCP





Homeowner Customizes Radiant Heat Comfort with InjecTemp Control

The home was heated by a one pipe steam system. An ancient oil fired boiler produced the steam and indirectly heated the domestic water via a tankless coil. The owners were dissatisfied with the comfort and efficiency of the steam system.


  Product Used: Valve: Precision Tempering Valves




Temperature Monitoring Control Provides Peace of Mind to Nursing Care Facilities

Maintaining safe domestic hot water temperatures is a critical issue for most nursing care facilities.The company wanted to insure that its facilities kept the hot water temperatures within the limits of what is imposed by state licensing board.


  Product Used: Valve: Precision Tempering Valves | Valve: TMC and Solenoid Valves




Dog Track Maintains Safe Track Conditions Year Round With Radiant Heating System & Heat-Timer Controls

The quality of the racing surface can go a long way in preventing injuries to the dogs. The owners wanted to maintain consistent track conditions for year round performances.


  Product Used: SMC (Snow Melt Control) | SQ-Elite Series




Owner Shaves 1/3 Off Fuel Bills with MPC Gold Series and Remote Communications Controls and Space Sensors

The fuel bills for the apartment buildings were so high that the owner could scarcely afford to heat them. And an older, inefficient boiler controls had resulted in excessive overheating in all three apartment buildings.


  Product Used: Communication: Internet | Platinum: MPC (Steam) | Sensors




Heat-Timer® Controls Provide Close Temperature Tolerances Required By Alaskan Salmon Hatcheries

It was a matter of highly precise temperature control. They needed a boiler system that could maintain extremely accurate temperature control over the egg wash water in 4 hatcheries along the Prince William Sound.


  Product Used: DIGI-SPAN® MC-Elite Series | DIGI-SPAN® TSC-Elite | Motorized Valves (2-Way and 3-Way) | Platinum: Multi-MOD (Modulating)




MPC with Remote Communications Ends Overheating and Excess Fuel Consumption at Apartment Complex

The apartments had serious overheating problems and the owner had recently installed a new boiler and burner in one of the complexes.


  Product Used: Communication: Internet | Platinum: MPC (Steam) | Sensors




Tenant Comfort Has Increased, Reduced Consumption and Increased Efficiency

The building had outdated heating equipment – both inefficient and ineffective to run, and costly to maintain.


  Product Used: Platinum: MPC (Steam) | Platinum: Multi-MOD (Modulating) | Platinum: SRC (Vacuum)




Heat-Timer® Control System Helps Save Apartment Owner $5,000 Plus in Fuel Cost

The owner of the apartment building spent the last few years “patching and fixing” the system which had steadily deteriorated over the past two heating seasons.


  Product Used: Platinum: HWRQ (Hot Water)




Installation of the Heat-Timer® MPC

Steam-heated apartment buildings are notorious for their erratic space temperatures.


  Product Used: Platinum: MPC (Steam)




Tempering Valves Provide Safe and Accurate Temperature Control at NC Nursing Home

Erratic hot water temperatures at the health care facility pose a safety threat to patients. Furthermore, state licensing boards typically impose strict regulations on health care facilities regarding hot water temperatures.


  Product Used: Valve: Precision Tempering Valves




Hot Water Makeover Ends Fluctuating Temperature and High Fuel Costs

Sometimes the water was too hot, sometimes too cold – but temperatures were rarely consistent.


Product Used: Valve: Precision Tempering Valves