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Digital Set Points Controls



DIGI-SPAN® HWE-Elite & SEQ-3 Series

The perfect energy saving outdoor reset controls for residential and light commercial hot water outdoor reset heating applications. All of the DIGI-Elite Series controls come with a digital display, adjustable reset ratio, offset, and outdoor cutoff.


HWE-SS Single Stage – Hot water Outdoor Reset energy saving boiler control with multiple domestic hot water priority options for single stage boiler applications. Replaces the HWM 100


HWE-MOV – Provides Hot water Outdoor Reset energy saving motorized valve control. It modulates a 3 or 4 way motorized valve. Replaces the HWM 200


SEQ-3 – This control provides Hot water Outdoor Reset energy saving control for multiple boiler applications. Controls up to 3 Stages (3 on/off, 2 on/off + System pump, 1 lo/hi + System Pump, 1 on/off + System + DHW Pump). Replaces HWM 550 and HWE-Multi Stage.



DIGI-SPAN® MC-Elite Series

This series of controls senses temperature, pressure, Vacuum, or humidity and provides either an Analog 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V, 2-10V, or 4 to 20mA output (MCA-Elite),a Proportional 0 to 135 Ω output (MCP-Elite), and a Floating output (MCF-Elite).

In addition to set point control, the MC-Elite can operate with an outdoor sensor to satisfy Outdoor Reset applications.




The SPC-Elite (single set-point control) series is used to sense temperature, high temperature, pressure, vacuum, or humidity and provides a S.P.D.T (single pole, double throw output). It is used whenever on/off or two-position control is desired.




The TSC-Elite (two-stage set point control) can measure and control temperature, pressure, vacuum or humidity and provides two Normally Open outputs. These outputs can be field configured for heating, cooling, or heating/cooling (Change-Over Control (COC)) applications.




The VSP-Elite is a variable speed injection pump control and is ideal for most residential and light commercial radiant hydronic heating. The VSP-Elite adjusts the speed of the pump to accurately control the amount of hot water injected into the heating/secondary loop. The VSP-Elite can be used as a hot water Outdoor Reset or single set point control.