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Internet (Communications)


Internet Control Management System for Platinum Controls






The Internet Communication package allows you to monitor and adjust any Internet-ready Platinum Series heating control from any Internet browser. All the operating and recording software is contained within the panel. This means the control can be accessed from any computer with Internet connection. The Internet Communications allows you to monitor the control and provides extensive histories of system operation. In addition, the Internet Communications allows you to have complete control over the control ; you can change any setting that could be changed at the control location, and the remote settings override any subsequent changes made at the control location. Furthermore, automated reports can be emailed to you computer daily, weekly or monthly.


A major advantage to the Platinum Heat-Timer Internet controls is their ability to function independently. This means that even when the Internet is down, the control will function based on its settings. Settings can be changed locally when proper security rights are granted.


Now, Heat-Timer offers cellular Internet service to its Platinum control.



View and Edit Settings:

The ICMS gives any user with proper rights the ability to view or change any of the control operating settings. For clients with multiple Platinum Internet controls, multiple changes to multiple controls can be done with just a few clicks.

MPC Platinum on the Internet Heating Control Live Session (Status 1)














History and Reports:

Every value and setting is stored. The user will be able to chart any combination of sensor values and compare them to the control settings in a single graph. In addition, each control has a set of predefined histories that are automatically graphed for easy access.

MPC Platinum on the Internet Steam Heating Control Cycle Timeline











Each Platinum control offers a large variety of alarms events that can trigger an alarm when activated. When occured, a single alarming event can be configured to send details of the alarm to the website, email multiple addresses, and text message multiple cell phones instantly. The user can view active as well as old alarming events information including their delivery locations.

Internet Heating Control Alarm History List









Reports and Data Export:

The ICMS can be configured to send a variety of reports as an attachment to an Email. The reports are available in different formats to satisfy different systems. The reports are also compressed to save on disk space and Internet bandwidth.










Internet Heating Control Automated Export Reports

Security and Users:

Only users with proper account and control access can log onto the ICMS. Users can be assigned different security rights to different controls. In addition users from a different account can be assigned to view or edit specific controls. This is helpful for management companies who assign contracting companies to help them manage their building heating systems.



  • All the software is contained in the control so that the control can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is a computer with Internet Access.
  • User-friendly interface is easy to use; no programming experience or memorization is necessary.
  • Any control setting or function, which is changed remotely is then overridden; no one can manually change the settings without proper permission.
  • Detailed histories of the control setting, behavior, and sensors are recorded for graphical view.
  • Platinum Series controls can be equipped with space sensors. The space sensors help to fine-tune the heating system operation and save energy.
  • Multiple control alarms can be configured to send emails or text messages.

Note:  Any Platinum Series panel can be field upgraded to Internet Communications.

Multi-Mod 0-135 ohm with Internet Communication package 926650-135-RINet
Multi-Mod Current/Voltage with Internet Communication package 926650-C/V-RINet
MPC Platinum with Internet Communication package 926785-RINet
MPCQ Platinum with Internet Communication package 926790-RINet
HWR Platinum with Internet Communication package 926795-RINet
HWRQ Platinum with Internet Communication package 926800-RINet
SRC Platinum with Internet Communication package 926810-RINet
Cellular Internet Modem Kit Modem with Antenna and Installation Hardware 950212-VN


Multi-Mod Internet Communication Upgrade Kit 900340-20-RINet
MPC Platinum Internet Communication Upgrade Kit 900340-00-RINet
MPCQ Platinum Internet Communication Upgrade Kit 900340-10-RINet
HWR Platinum Internet Communication Upgrade Kit 900340-50-RINet
HWRQ Platinum Internet Communication Upgrade Kit 900340-60-RINet
SRC Platinum Internet Communication Upgrade Kit 900340-30-RINet
Cellular Internet Modem Kit with Modem Box Modem with Antenna and Installation Hardware and Modem Box 950210-VN

If you need help setting or accessing the control remotely, contact Heat-Timer by calling Internet Technical Support (973) 575-4004. You may be asked to download one of the following files through the following links (Windows Remote Access) (MAC Remote Access) to help solve some computer specific issues. It will allow our Internet Technical Support to access your computer and help your comuter ICMS web site access.