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Recommended Solution – 2-Way Valves

2 and 3-way Motorized Valves



2-Way Valves for Vacuum Heating



Matched Requirements

  • Steam
  • Valve
  • Outdoor Reset or Setpoint
  • With or Without Vacuum


2-Way Valves for Vacuum Heating
Two-way valves can modulate the flow of sub-atmospheric steam from the boiler or other sources into a steam distribution system. These actuators are equipped with a position feedback signal. In addition, valve sizes up to 6” can be ordered with a valve percent opening gauge. A typical example of this type of application would be using vacuum steam to heat radiators in a building. When the control, such as the SRC Platinum , calls to put heat into the system, the two-way valve partially modulates open and steam flows into the radiators based on the outdoor air temperature. Then when the control determines that sufficient heat has entered the radiators, the control marginally closes the two-way valve reducing the flow of steam, or closes the valve