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PLL (Pump Lead-Lag Control)


The PLL control is a lead pump rotation control. It operates in multiple modes that satisfy many single or multiple pump applications. It is designed to run and power up to three pumps. In addition, it connects to flow switches to check for pump flow and activate the alarm outputs when needed.





SCP-6 (System Control Panel)(Obsolete)


The SCP-6 is designed to be used with multiple hot water boiler systems that require the control of individual boiler pumps that require pump run on. In addition, the SCP-6 can provide an interlock to combustion air, and/or a lead-lag function of two primary circulator pumps. The SCP-6 control is designed to be used as an interface between a boiler sequencing control such as a Heat-Timer HWRQ Platinum and the boiler and pumps. The SCP-6 panel will control up to six boilers, six boiler secondary pumps, two primary pumps in lead-lag mode, pump flow check, a combustion air damper/fan, a combustion air damper/fan interlock, and an alarm output.