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Heat-Timer Corp. has a variety of sensors that are designed to work with its controls. The sensors come in temperature, pressure, vacuum, conductivity, and humidity to Network and wireless sensors.



MLS/MLS-A – Smoke Alarm

The MLS-A and MLS Smoke Alarm controls are used to detect and instantly warn of smoke or other contaminants in flues of heating boilers utilizing oil, gas, or coal. Each unit consists of a transmitter unit, a receiving unit, a burner reset control, and a Vis-U-Alarm.



OTM (Oil Tank Monitor)

The Oil Tank Monitor displays the number of inches of oil in a tank. In Addition,the unit can activate an alarm if the oil level falls below a desired number of inches. The Oil Tank Monitor is also designed to transmit the tank level over the Internet.




The Mini-MIG provides any remote communication ready Heat-Timer control with the capability of adding up to 16 additional temperature, switch sensors. Moreover, It provides an input for a pulse counter (water meter).



Oil Filter Monitoring Kit

The Oil Filter Monitoring Kits trigger an alarm whenever the sensor reaches an adjustable set point. Two kits are available. An Internet kit that works with the Platinum control triggers an email, cell-phone text message, and a web alarm and a SPC kit that triggers a visual-audio alarm.



Wireless Network Sensor System

The Wireless Network Sensor System allows the Heat-Timer Platinum controls to read wireless space temperature sensors across. Wireless Sensors can be installed in almost any location within a building. A Transceiver/Router can then transmit that sensor data to the Heat-Timer control wirelessly through the wireless network into the Platinum control.