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ESV – Electronic Steam Valve Control

A two-motorized valve control for steam, vacuum, or hot water. It incorporates minimum valve opening settings that are beneficial to steam and vacuum systems.



ETV – Electronic Tempering Valve Control

The ETV (Electronic tempering Valve) accurately regulates water temperature for a wide variety of applications. The ETV combines a rugged stainless steel or bronze valve body, reliable electronic actuator, and a control module with PID logic.



Precision Tempering Valves

Heat-Timer tempering valves are designed to handle all flows from low to peak automatically without any extra effort. Precise water temperature control makes it ideal for Hotels, Hospitals, Health Care facilities, Schools, Apartment, Office and Industrial Buildings.



TMC and Solenoid Valves

The Temperature Monitoring Control (TMC) closes a solenoid valve in temperature or pressure critical situations. It is ideal in domestic hot water application that requires vigilant system monitoring. Even when power is down.