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Our Hallmark:

Complex Control Made SIMPLE


Today’s contractors and engineers demand complex controls that are also simple to operate. It is important for a mechanical contractor to know that the control is reliable and is simple to install and operate.


That’s where we shine. Whether your project demands a simple cycling control, or a multi- function control with BAS compatibility, we have a product that does just that-without requiring a high level of control expertise from the operator.



Magic? Not really.


Our products – our whole approach to the HVAC industry – is a combination of 3 simple ingredients:

  1. Over 70 years of controls experience
  2. Up-to-the-minute understanding control technology
  3. Dedication to the changing needs of our customers
  4. Quality products, made in America


Bottom Line


We listen to our customers, we design our products accordingly, and we stand behind every product we sell.