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TMC and Solenoid Valves

Temperature Monitoring Control





When temperature or pressure monitoring is critical, the TMC brings greater peace of mind. In addition to providing an alarm whenever temperature/pressure reaches a critical set point, when incorporated with a solenoid valve, the TMC effectively interrupts system activity until the problem is resolved.


TMC & Tempering Valve Combination Significantly Decreases the Risk of  Scalding

The TMC is commonly used as an extra layer of protection in domestic hot water systems that use tempering valves. When temperatures reach a critical set point in a domestic hot water system, the TMC activates an alarm and closes a solenoid valve, shutting down the flow of hot water into the system. Since the TMC includes an integral “latching” relay (manual reset), the problem must be resolved before the valve will open. In fact, two things must occur before normal operation resumes:


(1) The domestic water temperature must fall below the critical point


(2) The TMC’s manual reset button must be pressed. By resetting, you making the solenoid valve allow flow hot water to the tempering valve.


The TMC is also equipped with a second output for alarm. This output can be linked to the Heat-Timer Visual/Audio alarm, which uses both a red light and buzzer to indicate alarm status. It can also be linked directly into a Heat-Timer control panel, Notifact, or Energy Management System to provide remote alarm capability.


Remote Set Point

The TMC can be connected to accept a remote 4-20mA set point from a BMS/EMS system. This provides tremendous flexibilities for BMS/EMS managed facilities.


Remote Reset

No need to be in front of the control to push the manual reset button. The TMC is now equipped with a remote reset input that can be wired to a switch providing ease of operation.


The TMC is ideal for any application that requires vigilant system monitoring. Typical uses include:


  • Domestic hot water monitoring, especially in hospitals, nursing homes, and other commercial and institutional facilities
  • Low temperature monitoring, such as commercial or industrial refrigeration systems and freezers
  • Industrial applications which require tight monitoring of temperature or pressure
  • Any space temperature monitoring which might require an alarm and a manual reset



The TMC is ideal for any application that requires vigilant system monitoring. It incorporates the following features:

  • Digital display of temperature and set point at all times
  • Measures and alarms on temperature or pressure
  • Alarm LED indication
  • Multiple Alarm output relays for sound-visual alarms as well as digital alarms
  • Manual Reset button to exit alarm mode
  • Remote Reset input to exit alarm mode
  • Remote 4-20mA temperature or pressure EMS set point
  • Operates both Normally Open (N.O.) or Normally Close (N.C.) solenoid valves
  • Can be used in heating or cooling applications


The TMC does not come with the solenoid valve. Solenoid Valves must be ordered Separately.


TMC with Temp Sensor (without solenoid valve) 926694-00


The solenoid valves have the following properties:

  • Body Material: Brass
  • Type: 2-Way
  • Thread: NPT
  • Function: Normally Closed
  • Medium Temperature Range: 15°F to 250°F
  • Seal Material: EPDM


Solenoid Valve Catalog # Valve Size Cv Opening Differential Safe Working Pressure
Min ( PSI)
Max ( PSI)
920520-00 ½” 4.6 4 142 225
920521-00 ¾” 9.3 4 142 225
920522-00 1″ 12.3 4 142 180
920523-00 1-¼” 21 4 142 180
920524-00 1-½” 28 4 142 180
920525-00 2″ 46.7 4 142 180



Connected the control to power correctly but no display or LED is on.

Most controls are equipped with a fuse on the back of the main board to help protect the control against power surges. Check the fuse on the back of the control using a continuity meter. If continuity does not exist, replace the fuse with the same fuse size and rating.

My outdoor sensor reading does not match the actual temperature.

The outdoor sensor measurement may vary based on its location and its sun exposure. In most cases it will never match a weather station that is located several miles away. most current Heat-Timer controls have a Trim feature which allows the sensor reading to be slightly modified just a few degrees to satisfy similar circumstances. If the difference was large, then check the sensor by disconnecting one of its wires from the control. The control should read OPEN. If not, contact technical support.

Why is my temperature sensor reading Open on the control display?

Remove the sensor wires from the control and check for continuity across the wires with and meter. If no continuity existed, check or replace the wires. if continuity did exist, then contact technical support.

Why is my temperature sensor reading Short on the control display?

Remove one of the sensor wires from the control. The control display should change and display OPEN. Then check the sensor wiring specifically around spliced areas. If wiring was good, then disconnect the sensor wires from the control and check the sensor wires with an Ohm meter. The readings should match the sensor temperature chart on the control manual. It not, then replace the sensor. If after removing one of the sensor wires the control read SHORT, then contact tech support.


Download the TMC control in Google Sketchup 3D format by clicking here.