Heat-Timer® Corporation

2021 Thanks For the Memories..

For other USA based manufacturers like Heat-Timer®, the departure of 2021 is certainly a mixed blessing. While we did not collectively put COVID concerns in the rear view mirror as hoped, we all nevertheless found a way to manage our businesses safely, and keep the greater US economy largely humming.

At Heat-Timer® we are driven by the market’s desire to save money on heating bills and boiler maintenance. That pretty much describes everything we build, and why we build it. It turns out that this need doesn’t change so much in the middle of a pandemic, in fact a renewed focus on the bottom line has been nothing but motivating for many new customers who decided in 2021 that taking the plunge on the worlds most sophisticated heating control, was an investment worth making.

In 2021, Heat-Timer® did not rest on it’s laurels either. We took the plunge too with renewed focus on updating our products and our product line in response to market feedback and better operational efficiency. We solidified our status as a USA based manufacturer and did not suffer the supply chain woes of so many of our competitors who are building their controls offshore. Generally speaking, we’re quite excited about what we accomplished in 2021 and we think our customer base will be excited about it in 2022 and beyond, stay tuned.

In a year like 2021 however, no discussion would be complete without a huge thank you to our loyal client base. Heat-Timer® made many new friends in 2021, and old friends came to us for internet upgrades that improved their bottom line even more. These tried and true heating professionals don’t even consider other heating controls, and they continue to be our best advocates out in the field when it comes to commercial, internet based heating solutions. We thank them for caring and for carrying our message forward to new applications all over the country.

We wish everyone a very happy 2022 and a sincere wish for health and prosperity for us all.