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A Local Law 97 Success Story

Many building owners across the 5 boroughs of New York City are picking up their heads in 2024 as LL97 fines and requirements get serious for building owners who are not fully up to speed.

Just to recap: Local Law 97 passed into law on May 18th, 2019 as part of a wide reaching effort to combat greenhouse gas emissions. Approximately 67% of these emissions are created by NYC buildings affected by LL97. Local Law 97 mandates that covered buildings 25,000 square feet and larger cannot emit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at levels higher than the limits set by the law. These carbon limits are set based on the occupancy group of the building and took effect in the beginning of 2024. Beginning with the first deadline of May 1st , 2025, covered buildings will need to submit a report showing their carbon emissions from the year prior (2024). This reporting of a building’s emissions must occur annually. Buildings that do not submit an annual report or produce carbon emissions above their occupancy group limit, will be significantly fined. 

Heat-Timer® has long championed the use of its heating controls, primarily for the money they save building owners on heating costs. In 2024 however, that savings has a new urgency: avoidance of fines due to LL 97.

One NYC Co-Op was ahead of the Curve on LL 97

The board at the 100 unit co-op at 15 Hill Park Ave, in Great Neck NY, approved the upgrade of their existing Heat-Timer® MPC Platinum control to an Internet Control with wireless space sensors. The upgrade installed is a standard internet upgrade available for all Heat-Timer® Platinum controls and brings the control additional ability to lower fuel consumption with an intelligent balance between resident comfort and fuel costs, along with complete remote management.

While the Heat-Timer® control was selected because of its reputation as the most advanced heating control available, the high cost of fuel and the comfort level in the building were the primary drivers in the project. 

Heat-Timer® Internet Upgrade Results

The results of the conversion and use of the fully upgraded Heat-Timer® control at 15 Park Ave. were remarkable. In the first year of use, using degree day normalized data, the Heat-Timer® Control with an internet upgrade and wireless space sensors saved well over 40% in fuel costs in the building.  While also improving resident comfort and reducing hot/cold complaints. You can read the full case study here.

Depending on the size of your building, a 40% reduction in fuel consumption represents a significant dent in the emission of greenhouse gasses as measured by LL97. Actual tonnage of reduction has to be calculated for each building however any reduction satisfies the law’s “good faith effort” clause and can help building owners avoid fines in 2024.

With Local Law 97 timetables for NYC buildings driving increased penalties for lack of compliance, there couldn’t be a better time to consider a Heat-Timer® Internet Control with wireless space sensors for your building. 

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