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Avoid Costly Boiler Repairs

Owners of Multi-Family Buildings or Hotels can spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on boiler system repairs and maintenance. Usually, the costs are high because the system actively fails before there is any money spent or any work done. Those owners who are diligent about maintenance may prevent some issues but then the cost of monthly or quarterly maintenance visits to your building becomes a significant cost as well. And at the end of the day, problems can still happen between these visits, no matter how diligent you are.

It turns out that there is a middle ground between these extremes. You can both avoid the worst downtime scenarios in your building heating system, while being more efficient about where and when you spend money on boiler and heating system maintenance. In addressing this challenge, Heat-Timer controls can be a central piece of the puzzle.

An Intelligent Control, for Intelligent Predictive Maintenance

Heat-Timer® controls provide sophisticated control methods for Steam and hot water heating systems. Our systems save energy while improving comfort in multi-family buildings.

But there is another place our controls save money….

Because our systems use a sophisticated network of wireless sensors, we can monitor many more points of failure than would be practical by human inspection. What is more, we can monitor them 24/7. Using predictive analysis and a sophisticated understanding of the boiler plant configuration, the Heat-Timer Platinum series controls are programmed to send alarms to building managers and technicians before breakdowns occur.

All of the controls used in these applications are part of Heat-Timer’s Platinum Series which provides apartment complex owners with complete remote communication capability via an ICMS – Internet Communication Management System. ICMS gives owners/operators direct access to their boiler control system via the internet so that they can continuously monitor and fine tune their boiler system from anywhere, anytime, improving service efficiency. More even distribution of steam or hot water throughout a complex leads to a noticeable reduction in heating complaints from tenants. At the same time, the total man hours required to keep the system operating have declined. So tenants are happier, fuel expenditures are down, and the system requires less maintenance.

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