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The Farmers Almanac is calling for a particularly cold winter, just as fuel prices are spiking and OPEC is cutting oil production. Overall, the winter of 2022 is shaping up to be an expensive heating season. As building owners and HVAC professionals get their buildings ready for the heating season, dormant boilers are fired up and unexpected startup problems arise Read More

A Better Driveway Snow Melt Control

All indications are that we’re in for a snowy winter here in the Northeast. For those of us who want to preserve our aging backs and do something else with our precious time, driveway snow melt systems are the way to go. No need for shoveling or salt which discolors your walkway and gets tracked into the house, no waiting Read More

Heat-Timer Genesis® – The Rebirth of Energy Savings for Small Building Owners

For larger apartment and co-op buildings, Heat-Timer’s Platinum Series Boiler Controls have been the industry leading solution to saving energy for a long time. Among HVAC professionals, the phrase “Why don’t you install Heat-Timer?” is both a general statement and a brand endorsement in discussions of energy efficiency and boiler room upgrades.  Smaller apartment buildings of 20 units or less Read More