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Genesis Heat-Timer™ – Wireless Sensors

  One of the key features that sets Genesis Heat-Timer™ apart from other heating controls is the inclusion of pre-programmed wireless space sensors.  The base product includes three space sensors but can connect to up to 5 for appropriate coverage of a typical small building of 20 units or less. Installing the space sensors couldn’t be easier, simply mount them Read More

The Genesis Heat-Timer™ is Now Available for Ordering!

The Heat-Timer® Announces the Launch of  Genesis Heat-Timer™ “A New Energy Management System for Small Buildings”   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 1st, 2022                          Heat-Timer® Corporation Fairfield, New Jersey  Heat-Timer®, a leader in commercial heating controls since 1937, announces the launch of their new product, Genesis Heat-Timer™. The Genesis Heat-Timer™ heating control is an extremely cost effective solution for both Read More

Combatting Skyrocketing Fuel Prices

US gas prices are at a record high.  There is no one reason for this, it’s more like a perfect storm of global events that has conspired to drive down supply while at the same time increasing demand. Unfortunately, there is also a good chance that the price at the pump has not yet peaked. We are just entering the summer Read More

The Politics of Apartment Heating Management.

As a leader in the sales and installation of heating controls for all kinds of commercial buildings, we’ve heard a lot of stories from the HVAC technicians and building managers who have installed our equipment over the years.  It’s easy to get caught up in the technology aspects of heating, and most building management folks are focused on the money Read More