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Summer Heating Activities: Radiator Air Vents

Summer presents an opportunity for commercial building owners to perform all kinds of heating maintenance tasks, without fear of interrupting the comfort of residents. One such activity for single pipe, steam heated buildings is the inspection and replacement of steam radiator vents. The function of the radiator air vent in a single pipe steam delivery system, is to allow air Read More

Steam Heating is Here to Stay?

According to a 2019 report by the Urban Green Council, 80% of multifamily buildings in NY are steam heated and of those, 73% of residents in steam-heated buildings are chronically overheated. Here at Heat-Timer®, this is an all too common refrain we hear from many older commercial steam heated building operators.  Many of America’s aging steam systems are oversized or Read More

Spring has Sprung – What to do with My Boilers?

Spring and summer is actually a great time to maintain or upgrade the steam or hydronic heating system in your building or apartment complex. When you consider that the system can be offline for days or weeks now, without angry calls from residents, scheduling your HVAC guys to do this work is a no-brainer.. Especially when you consider that you Read More

The Advantages of using just one Boiler Control Supplier.

For technicians working at Mechanical Services and HVAC companies, modern boiler systems represent a complex web of old and new technology, particularly the steam boilers that power almost 83% of NYC buildings. To install a modern heating control like one of our Heat-Timer® Platinum Series Controls, a boiler technician has to understand a few things. Like how a controller connects Read More

We’re all Steamed Up about our MPC Platinum

For the many owners and managers of older steam heated commercial buildings across the country, you may wish you could update your heating system to a more modern and efficient type of heating. The problem of course is that wholesale conversion of an existing steam heating system in an older building is likely to be extremely expensive, if not logistically Read More