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Tankless Water Heater Installation Safety

Recently we asked the head of one of the larger Commercial HVAC companies in northern New Jersey, whether they used a standard 3-way mixing valve when installing commercial tankless water heaters. “No,  you don’t need one…” was his answer. His opinion is not uncommon. It is also dead wrong. As the technology of commercial Instantaneous Water Heaters and heat exchanger Read More

2 Way and 3 Way Motorized Valves for Heating Applications

When properly used, motorized valves present an elegant solution to the problems of controlling water or steam into a heating distribution system. Some common examples of these systems include: Steam Heating Distribution – In these applications, a motorized two-way valve can control the flow of steam from the boiler or other sources into a steam distribution system. An example of Read More

Radiator Not Hot Enough? A Radiator Air Vent Could be your Solution.

Folks with steam radiator heating systems are quite used to the familiar sound of “hissing” that occurs as their radiator fills up with steam. To the uninitiated, the sound has led many a child to consider the possibilities of monsters in the closet, and others literally can’t sleep without the comforting sounds of their hissing radiator. Whatever your predisposition, this Read More