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The Real Cost of Heating Controls

According to a new report from Pacific Northwest Group, the average commercial building spends over 50% of its energy costs on HVAC. And in the cooler northern areas of the country, most of that is certainly related to heating costs. Depending on the size of your facility, this can be thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of dollars every Read More

The Word On Wireless Sensors

For maximum flexibility in the implementation of heating controls in both old and new buildings, wireless sensor technology has become the key. This technology makes for ease of installation and ensures your heating control can monitor all elements of your system so it has all the information it needs to run your boilers most efficiently. A ready example is the Read More

Avoid Costly Boiler Repairs

Owners of Multi-Family Buildings or Hotels can spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on boiler system repairs and maintenance. Usually, the costs are high because the system actively fails before there is any money spent or any work done. Those owners who are diligent about maintenance may prevent some issues but then the cost of monthly or quarterly Read More