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Get Rebates for Boiler and Control Upgrades

Everyone has purchased something with an irresistible mail in rebate.  Sometimes that product is even free after the rebate. Yet, the Wall Street Journal has estimated that about 40% of mail-in rebates are not redeemed. Many sources say that the number is well over 50%.  According to the research done by the Wall Street Journal and others, many people forget Read More

Local Law 97, New York Mandates a Greener State

Local Law 97, New York Mandates a Greener State

The Climate Mobilization Act, NYC Local Law 97 (LL97) became law in May 2019. This environmental law mandates reductions in carbon emissions from buildings in New York City starting in 2024. It also adds a requirement to report annually on a building’s carbon emissions. This new law covers both new and existing commercial buildings larger than 25,000 square feet, or Read More

Why Roll the Dice with Water Safety?

Why Roll the Dice with Water Safety

There are gamblers out there who will bet on almost anything, cards, horses, dogs, you name it. But so far, we’ve never heard of a bookmaker giving odds on the safety of the water supply in a commercial domestic hot water system. Some property managers, on the other hand, either deliberately or inadvertently, are all in on that bet. They Read More