Heat-Timer® Corporation

Heat-Timer’s Mobile App keeps you out of the boiler room – and the office

Many years ago Heat-Timer® introduced smart, boiler controls that dramatically improved boiler efficiency and service monitoring. For the first time, Heat-Timer® provided building managers and service technicians with digital control that intelligently managed boiler cycling and reported and controlled all heating parameters from one place. It was a big leap forward from watching gauges and turning valves and saved building Read More

Four Ways to Save Money with a Smarter Apartment Building

As most apartment building managers will tell you, energy costs are one of the most significant operating expenses in commercial buildings. Inside those energy costs, heating and Domestic Hot Water are two of the most significant expenses, especially in older buildings constructed before energy efficiency standards were established. In the past, the primary way to reduce heating costs was through Read More

Water Safety For all Time

Because of regulations put in place after the outbreak of legionnaire’s disease in the 90’s, installation of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems were changed for the sake of public safety.  All DHW systems, whether storage based or tankless, must now meet the conflicting requirements of holding DHW at a minimum of 140°F (60°C) to comply with such standards as OSHA Read More