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HVAC Control Systems Explained

Heat Timer Internet Based, Wireless Heating Control Systems

HVAC Control Systems – What They Are and Why They Matter  Large buildings like office buildings, schools, apartment buildings, government buildings and factory buildings have some of the highest energy costs in the country. And if you’re in the northern area’s of the country, make no mistake:  its the ‘H’ in HVAC that is costing you most of that money.  Read More

Heat-Timer® Corp. Partners with WIN Marketing Group for Digital Brand Development and Website Re-engineering

Heat Timer makes automation Easy

Heat-Timer® corporation has announced a partnership with the WIN Marketing Group (WINM) of Boonton Township New Jersey, to redesign their website, increase their search visibility and implement a digital brand marketing program. The new website can be viewed at:  https://www.heat-timer.com/ . Heat-Timer®  is a premier maker of advanced heating and domestic hot water controls in the USA. Their product line includes wireless, Read More

Commercial Heating Trends in 2019

Overall, the expert consensus is that 2019 is going to be a good year for the HVAC industry. Particular growth in area’s like data centers and the educational market will lead overall growth in the sector which is expected to climb across the board as the reigns on capital investment continue to loosen around the USA. Leading the technology trends Read More

The Golden Gate Bridge and Heat-Timer?

What does the Golden Gate Bridge and Heat-Timer Corporation have in common? Well…the year was 1937 in Marin County, California (San Francisco). Construction of the bridge that began in 1933 had just been completed (at a cost of over $35 million). During this time there was a major transition from coal-fired boilers to oil-fired boilers to produce the steam. With Read More