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Building Management Companies need Unified Portfolio Control

One of the largest costs in building management is the heating and cooling expense. It’s complex enough managing one building, but management companies usually have multiple buildings at multiple addresses within their portfolio. 

While Heat-Timer® Controls are considered best-in-class for fuel savings on the heating side, many building management companies may not realize that our internet controls provide robust, centralized portfolio management capability on the back end. The saving money on fuel is a given, but Heat-Timer ® internet controls also increase visibility and ease of control, anticipate boiler/mechanical room problems and reduce maintenance costs significantly in a way that every building manager will appreciate.

Features of Heat-Timer® Internet Enabled Controls

  1. Secure Internet Portal with controlled access permissions visible through any web browser on any device.
  2. Central view of all your properties and addresses at a glance.
  3. Intuitive drill down into property locations to see or change settings in a snap.
  4. Alarm notifications via text or email.
  5. Intuitive historical reports on heating and energy use.
  6. Free Mobile App provides almost identical features and interface for cell phone or tablet control.
  7. Heat-Timer® Genesis now available for the smaller buildings in your portfolio. Same class leading fuel savings, same integration to our centralized heating management system. 

    Heating Controls That Can Grow with You.

You can think of Heat-Timer’s Internet management as the general contractor for the heating controls in all your buildings and boiler rooms. With the ability to upgrade features remotely, our controls can be considered largely futureproof.

Heat-Timer’s industry leading fuel saving potential is undisputed. But with internet upgrades your quality of life just got a whole lot better too.

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