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Commercial HVAC Professionals Need to Pick a Go-To Control System

As technology in the heating industry marches forward, the complexity and options within commercial heating designs present an interesting paradox. The systems are getting both simpler, and more complex at the same time.

How is this possible you may ask?

Plug & Play Boiler Control

For certain smaller commercial applications, steam boilers now boast features like integrated lead/lag capability, up to 95% thermal efficiency, integrated outdoor reset, pretty touchscreen displays, data logging and more plug and play connections. Boiler manufacturers are doing their best to get on the bandwagon with all things digital and most have cobbled together rudimentary control systems into their boilers that allow them to achieve better efficiency and easier installation for professionals.

Still, most commercial HVAC contractors prefer a dedicated control system for anything but the most simple boiler configurations. Systems like these take energy management to a whole other level. Modern heating control systems like the Heat Timer platinum series have evolved to provide easier building integration, simpler user interfaces all controlled through a mobile app or our dedicated website, with wireless sensor integration that even removes the “plug” from plug & play.

Boiler Control Complexity Can Also Be Your Friend

Perhaps somewhat counter intuitive is that the ability to have complex detailed control, is not necessarily the enemy of simplicity. It’s all about how you design it.  It’s possible to have both efficient plug & play operation that gets you 80% of the way there, and the ability to tweak our heating control to achieve a level of energy efficiency that is still unparalleled in the industry.

In this way, Heat-Timer® Platinum series controls give the HVAC professional an edge over all other commercial heating controls. Consider the following advanced features of the Heat-Timer® MPC Platinum control, designed to operate a steam boiler and/or steam valve to provide steam outdoor reset in a single-pipe or two-pipe steam heating system.

Wireless Remote Space Sensor Integration – With this capability, HVAC professionals working with building managers can debug the most complex heating distribution problems in their building. A well trained HVAC tech can intelligently move around the space sensors while looking at detailed heating, temperature, and energy usage curves to determine how to construct a perfectly efficient and comfortable heating curve for the problem area and the building at large. Like anything, the more you use our control, the easier this becomes. And once most HVAC Pro’s see what is possible with Heat-Timer® controls, they seldom use anything else.

Just some of other the wireless sensors integrated into the Heat Timer system include:

  1. Boiler Stack Temperature Sensor:
  2. Oil Tank Level:
  3. Domestic Hot Water and other Temperature Sensors:
  4. Flame Failure and other Switch Sensors:
  5. Water Counter (Boiler Feed Meter):
  6. Smoke Alarm Sensor:
  7. Sump Pump Float Sensor:

Heat-Timer® Platinum Series is also the only control on the market that “learns” the characteristics of your building, continuously anticipating demand and reducing your energy bill as time goes on.

With over 80 years of experience building heating controls, it’s no surprise that Heat-Timer® leads the heating controls industry in features, simplicity, yet has the control algorithms that consistently save you more money on fuel every month than the controls of any other manufacturer.

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