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Domestic Hot Water Valve Controls

In domestic hot water applications for apartments, hotels, and other applications with high domestic hot water demands, getting hot water safely to all areas of your building is the primary concern. Domestic hot water control systems must deliver water that is always at the right temperature, even during peak demand periods.

Heat Timer makes a number of different tempering valves which are used to mix water to a desired temperature and to perfectly manage demand in your domestic hot water supply. Our electronic tempering valves can regulate the temperature of hot water served to users by regulating the mix of hot water from the hot water supply, with a proportion of the cooler water. Then our system uses temperature sensor feedback to precisely maintain the correct water temperature entering the system.

How Heat-Timer® Mixing Valves Prevent Legionella & Scalding Hazards

Heat Timer Valve products like our ETV Platinum Plus allow flexible control of all aspects of your domestic hot water distribution including protection against the following:

Legionella—Selection and controlling proper water temperature in domestic water storage and delivery systems is important in preventing illness from water-borne bacteria such as Legionella.

Scald Hazards—Scald hazards can be created in domestic water distribution systems when not properly controlled or monitored.

Temperature Fluctuation—Is the rapid and uncomfortable change in water temperature experienced at the faucet or shower by the end-user, which can lead to a fall or serious injury due to thermal shock.

By Allowing hot water to be stored at 130F or more while mixing down to safe water temperatures to the sink, the mixing valve effectively solves both the Legionella problem and the scalding problems caused by unregulated systems. Note that even tankless systems are vulnerable to Legionella outbreaks without the use of a mixing valve.  For more on this discussion go here

The following is an overview of the tempering valve product families for Domestic Hot water applications. Please note that Heat Timer valves can be ordered in almost any standard size to fit your building’s plumbing.

Electronic Tempering Valves

For accurate control and monitoring of domestic hot water temperature, the ETV Platinum Plus Series is the ideal option. The focus of this design is to provide set point control of the mixing valve, to allow quick restoration of water temperature, even under peak loads. The ETV can operate standalone but communication upgrades for this unit allow the user to remotely monitor and control it via internet or other systems. For more information see our product page on the ETV Platinum Plus – Electronic Tempering Valve Control.

Electronic Tempering Station (ETS)

Heat Timer in response to demand for a complete, pre-assembled tempering valve solution, provides the Heat Timer ETS or Electronic Tempering Station. This solution is essentially a pre-plumbed ETV, available in multiple valve sizes for the simplest installation into your existing domestic hot water system. With the control module pre-wired, and all ETV connections pre-piped, you simply connect up your water supply and plug it in to start enjoying perfectly controlled, on demand domestic hot water.

The ETS is designed to save professionals time, money, and decrease the downtime of hot water availability in your install. Experience has shown that existing systems can typically be reconfigured to use the ETS in less than one working day.

To Understand How to Create your Complete Domestic Hot Water Management System Call Heat Timer Today.

Our systems are designed for commercial and multi-family applications, no matter how large, complex or demanding your heating requirements are, or how old or new your building is. Our product focus is on creating systems that are easy to install, program and manage, and provide reliable and safe domestic hot water.

If you are a hotel operator, apartment building manager, School/University or campus operations manager, or HVAC professional looking for a cost effective and reliable solution to domestic hot water, contact our team of heating design professionals today or call 973.575.4004