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Domestic Hot Water Solutions for Hotels and More

Domestic Hot Water Controls

For hotels, motels, office buildings and other buildings with large hot water demand, domestic hot water systems must deliver water that is always bacteria free, and at the right temperature, even during peak periods. Additionally, increased environmental awareness and sound economics is driving the need for more efficient and durable domestic hot water heating solutions than in the past.

Part of the solution to a better DHW system is certainly the boiler. Traditional direct-fired storage water heaters can have efficiency ratings in the low 60% range as compared to 90% or more for modern condensing boilers. Depending on where they are, these heaters can last less than 5 years due to hard water mineral build-up, adding another burden to our landfill and recycling capabilities.

Creating a Domestic Hot Water System for the 21st Century

It may go without saying but we’ll say it anyway: when designing a commercial DHW system you first want to contact a commercial HVAC professional with good experience. Unlike residential the solution to DHW especially in older buildings, is way beyond the talented handyman. A good HVAC company will provide a design which takes some important principles into account:

Reliability. This is probably the most important consideration for commercial domestic hot water solutions. When the system fails to perform adequately or breaks down repeatedly, the entire building is without hot water and residents/occupants are upset. Reliability is achieved by specifying proven high-quality products and by building redundancy into the design.

Efficiency. Operating cost and efficiency (EFUE) are important and have much to do with the design of the boilers, and the control systems that regulate the hot water mixing valves and other motorized valves that may be part of your system design.

Longevity and serviceability. A well designed system should have a 15–20 year service life. The system design should take into account future service, maintenance and component replacement. Mechanical components should be accessible. Valves should be installed so that pumps and control valves can be replaced without draining down the entire system.

Heat-Timer Solutions for Commercial Domestic Hot Water

When looking at domestic hot water solutions your mixing valve and its associated control and monitoring system should be a key part of your design. No one wants a solution that has people running to the mechanical room with wrench in hand because the guy in 14B has no hot water!

The Heat-Timer® tempering station is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for DHW applications requiring 3 way mixing. It encapsulates an electronic tempering valve under control of dedicated control module. The entire unit is pre-plumbed for professionals. Just connect the hot and cold water to it and plug it in.

The control and valve operate together to quickly restore the desired water temperature, even after large changes in load conditions. The ETS is a great solution for challenging DHW applications being both cost effective, and saving installers a massive amount of time.

For more information on state of the art domestic hot water solutions for your commercial building, contact us or find a Heat-Timer® authorized reseller in your area.