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Domestic Hot Water Systems For Hotels

Hotels, hospitals and other businesses with centralized hot water delivery face special challenges with regard to the safe and consistent delivery of hot water to their clients and residents, especially during peak periods. The hotel guest stuck with a cold shower will almost certainly give that hotel the cold shoulder next time they go to book a stay.

They must provide hot water to all rooms and areas in all locations while ensuring that excessive boiler duty cycles do not run up heating bills. Key to the operation of these systems are the valves that control the mixing and flow of hot water, and the systems that monitor and control these valves. When properly specified and installed, these domestic hot water systems provide perfect on demand control over hot water distribution throughout your resort, hotel or multi-family building at a constant, set temperature while optimizing energy costs.

A Guide to Tempering Valve Products

Heat-Timer® provides some of the industry’s go-to products for these applications. In particular, our line of thermostatic tempering valves and controls provide a reliable backbone for all of your building’s domestic hot water needs.

  • Electronic tempering valves: This valve can operate as a standalone unit or can work as part of a larger, remote-monitored system. It is designed for accurate monitoring and control of domestic hot water temperature, providing a set point control of the mixing valve so that water temperature fluctuations are rapidly corrected and the right temperature hot water is supplied even during times of high demand.
  • Electronic Tempering Station: Responding to the needs of HVAC contractors for quick installation, Heat-Timer® provides a pre-plumbed electronic tempering implementation that makes installation of valves and ESV controls a snap. Just connect the hot and cold water supply, power, and you are done.

For High-Quality Domestic Hot Water Control Systems, Speak to Commercial Heating Control Specialists

Heat-Timer is a dedicated commercial heating system controls company with a reputation for the finest heating control products in the industry.

Our team of technical experts in to help you service commercial buildings of any size, from hotels, apartment buildings and office buildings to schools, resorts and retail centers. While the self-learning, wireless, mobile enabled technology we employ is as good as it gets for building manager convenience, it’s the money you save on heating bills every month that will make you really love us.

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