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Energy Efficiency in Commercial Heating

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In the United States, commercial energy use accounts for almost 19% of the total energy consumed in the country. At the top of the list are office, retail, educational and healthcare buildings as well as large apartment complexes. One of the most significant opportunities commercial buildings have for reducing their consumption is the implementation of intelligent energy-efficient HVAC control systems.

Here’s a quick guide to energy efficiency ratings for commercial heating systems from the commercial heating systems specialists at Heat-Timer®.

Energy-Efficiency Regulations for Commercial Heating Systems and Boiler Systems 

In heating systems, efficiency is measured by Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), which measures how effective the equipment is in converting fuel into heat. In a 90% AFUE commercial boiler, for example, 90% of the fuel consumed by the boiler is turned into heat, so the higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the product is.

The Department of Energy recently issued a pre-publication Federal Register final rule that requires commercial packaged boilers larger than 300,000 BTU/hr meet a minimum of 84% thermal efficiency by 2021.

While Federal incentives seem to be on the decrease, different states and local utilities are on board with offering rebates and incentives to assist in making the move to a more efficient heating system, one example in our home state is through the New Jersey Clean Energy Program. Other states may have similar programs

In this program, financial incentives and rebates are offered to industrial and commercial businesses to upgrade their heating systems, HVAC equipment, lighting and lighting controls, motors and variable frequency drives. These incentives are available to new building construction projects as well as existing buildings.  A Local Government Energy Audit is also available to determine how your building can benefit from these upgrades.

In some state, heating controls like those offered by Heat-Timer® can also qualify as energy efficiency upgrades. In a large commercial installation, boiler efficiency is important, but if your boilers are not managed consistent with environmental, and energy load and building thermal characteristics, then optimal system efficiency will never be achieved. Arguably, the control system for your heating system is actually the single most important factor in achieving a high overall AFUE.

Upgrade Your Commercial Heating Systems and Save 

If you have a single or multi-boiler system servicing a commercial building, chances are there is an affordable Heat-Timer control that can improve the efficiency of your building. The cost of the control and installation by a qualified professional, is easily recovered with a few months of energy savings in most buildings. From that point on, its just your bottom line that benefits.

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