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Energy Management Systems & Building Automation Systems by Heat-Timer®

While full scale building automation systems integrate things like security systems, fire detection, lighting control and such, the biggest money saver in building automation by far, is the energy management system/sub-system.

Heat Timer’s® Platinum series controls are the solution of choice for your energy management system, whether you plan to integrate into a larger BMS or use our controls standalone. Full use of wireless sensors, and internet and mobile technology allows us to easily monitor all important points in a building.

For many building operators, the cost and complexity of bringing all your building systems under one umbrella can be prohibitive or perhaps unnecessary. In that case, your Heat-Timer platinum series control can do everything a full BMS system does for heating and DHW, but at a fraction of the cost and complexity.

And if someday you want to take the plunge into a full scale BMS, your Heat-Timer® system is designed to integrate, without the need for a costly upgrade in the HVAC/DHW control area.

An Energy Management System with the Best of Both Worlds

A major advantage to the Platinum Heat-Timer® controls is their ability to function independently through our BuildingNet® protocol.

And of course all our control systems come with their own remote monitoring software, either on your cell phone or on the internet. You can monitor temperatures, pressures, and valve conditions, change operational characteristics, and receive alarms on your cell phone, tablet or via email. With Heat-Timer controls, the days of unexpectedly walking into a flooded boiler room are all but over.

When acting as your Energy Management System, our controls can provide:

·         Wireless Boiler Control and monitoring from Ipad or mobile phone. ·         A heating/DHW control subsystem that will integrate to almost any BMS.
·         Control and Timing of Multiple steam or hot water boilers ·         Integrated 3 way mixing valves meeting antibacterial temperature requirements
·         Control and Timing of Multiple boiler rooms using our wireless network ·         Control of either staging or modulating boilers
·         Outdoor reset control features for maximum heating efficiency ·         Peak Demand Hot Water Control for Hotels, motels and condominiums.
·         Management of domestic hot water ·         Motorized valve upgrades

Our energy management systems are designed for commercial and multi-family applications, no matter how large, complex or demanding your heating requirements are, or how old or new your building is. Our product focus is on creating systems that are easy to install, program and manage, and that save building owners the maximum amount possible on yearly fuel costs while maintaining heating comfort and extending boiler life.

If you are a hotel operator, apartment building manager, mall or campus operations manager, or HVAC professional looking for a wireless, future proof, smart energy management system, you can begin your search of our Platinum Series Products, using our product finder or look at the categories of products we provide below.

Energy Management using Heat-Timer Platinum Series Controls

The Heat-Timer Platinum series is a product line tailored to the needs of large scale commercial and multi-family boiler controls. The Platinum line is “self learning” and allows wireless sensor and control integration for easy retrofit into old or new buildings.  It is often referred to as a “poor-man’s” building automation system, owing to how much functionality it packs in the critical area of HVAC and DHW control, for relatively little cost as compared to a full scale BMS.

Within the platinum series are a number of products depending on the type and number of boilers in your application.


Heating Type Burner Type # of Boilers Product
Steam Modulating Single MPC
Steam Modulating Multiple Multi-Mod Platinum
Steam Staging Single MPC
Steam Staging Multiple MPCQ Platinum
Hot Water Modulating Single HWR-Platinum
Hot Water Modulating Multiple Multi-Mod Platinum
Hot Water Staging Single HWR Platinum
Hot Water Staging Multiple HWRQ Platinum

Motorized Steam and Hot Water Valve Controls

3 way mixing valve by Heat Timer
Heat Timer 2-way/3-way mixing valve

Completing the automation of your building are Heat-Timer’s popular line of boiler valve controls which allow our boiler control systems to fully control heating throughout your building. Our 2-Way valves can modulate or turn On or Off the flow of steam. Our 3-way valves are used to mix water to a desired temperature. The hot water from the boiler is blended with a proportion of the cooler water returning from the system to maintain the correct water temperature entering the system.  For more information, visit our motorized valve page.

How Do Heat-Timer® Platinum Controls Integrate to a BMS?

Our Platinum series controls are designed from the ground up, for wireless internet connectivity and have options for integration with any existing BMS by communication over industry standard network protocols.

Any of the Platinum controls can be purchased or upgraded to a BACnet IP / MSTP communication allowing a Building Management System (BMS) or an Energy Management System (EMS) to view, edit, alert, manage, and log the operation of the different boilers, pumps, and valves managed by the Platinum control.

Another great feature of the Heat-Timer® controls is their ability to continue to operate autonomously. This means that even when the BMS/EMS is down, the control will continue to optimize heating operations based on its settings.  These settings can be changed locally or remotely when proper security rights are granted to the user, through the internet or our free mobile app.

Energy Management Systems by Heat-Timer®

Heat-Timer® controls provide the building manager and HVAC professional a simple, cost effective way to implement the most important 50% of a building management system for a fraction of the price. Yet we roadmap perfectly into any future energy management system you may choose to use. What more could you ask for?

Call our heating experts today to discuss your building’s needs at 973.575.4004 or contact us.