Heat-Timer® Corporation

Genesis Heat-Timer® – One Year Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since the launch of the Genesis Heat-Timer® for small multi-family buildings. The capabilities of this control seems to have resonated with both existing and new clients, based on a few things we were able to achieve.  

  1. The Genesis Heat-Timer ® Control represents lower upfront cost for those smaller multi-family buildings. It is designed to include exactly the sensors and features required for buildings under 20-25 units. 
  2. The Genesis Heat-Timer ® Control uses the same self learning boiler control software as our premium Platinum series controls for best in class fuel savings on either steam or hot water single boiler systems.
  3. The Genesis Heat-Timer ®  base package includes 3 pre-programmed long range wireless space sensors but can be integrated with up to 5.
  4. The Genesis Heat-Timer ® control is internet enabled allowing for real-time remote access from anywhere.

The Genesis Heat-Timer ®  is part of our internet portal/mobile app management infrastructure. Building Management companies enjoy a single place to monitor and control all their buildings and boiler rooms that use a Heat-Timer® Control of any kind.