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Heat-Timer Genesis® – The Rebirth of Energy Savings for Small Building Owners

For larger apartment and co-op buildings, Heat-Timer’s Platinum Series Boiler Controls have been the industry leading solution to saving energy for a long time. Among HVAC professionals, the phrase “Why don’t you install Heat-Timer?” is both a general statement and a brand endorsement in discussions of energy efficiency and boiler room upgrades. 

Smaller apartment buildings of 20 units or less with forward thinking managers have also taken advantage of the Platinum series control. For some, the cost of the worlds most effective heating control especially in colder climates, was justifiable when considering the money saved on utility bills every month, and the ease of remote monitoring and management that a fully internet enabled platinum control brings.

Right Sizing the Platinum Control for Small Buildings

It turns out that a lightweight version of our Platinum Internet Control is a huge win for small building owners.  With smaller up-front costs, return on investment (ROI) is greatly accelerated for small buildings of 20 units or less.

The Heat-Timer Genesis® has several parts that make this investment a no-brainer for small building owners and managers:

  1. Same cost savings potential as Platinum Series Controls – Our cutting-edge heating control software with its self-learning capabilities is built into the brain of the Heat-Timer Genesis® control. Most small building owners can expect to save up to 30% on their monthly utility bills*.
  2. Perfectly sized for buildings of 20 units or less – The basic Heat-Timer Genesis® package comes with 3 pre-programmed sensors but can handle up to 5. Generally, one sensor is deployed for every four apartments. Along with the separate outdoor temperature sensor (Outdoor Reset) this allows the control to monitor and anticipate the heating needs of various areas of your building. Think rock solid temperature management everywhere in your building, for the least possible energy consumption.
  3. Ease of Installation – The wireless sensors use the very latest long range technology. No wires here. Sensors can be located 9 floors above the Genesis, without a need for repeaters. Add to that a 10+ year battery life on the sensors, and you have a system that is essentially plug and play.
  4. Ease of Management Heat-Timer Genesis® is fully internet and mobile enabled. Communication between managers and the control can occur in multiple ways.
    • Remote Alarms sent via text message and/or email. Set up thresholds for multiple alarm conditions and get notified before problems happen. 
    • Internet Management Portal – Use any browser to go to our management website to view your entire portfolio of buildings. Drill down to see control settings, alarms, and heating graphs or reports of activity and cycling from the comfort of your couch.
    • Heat-Timer® Mobile App – On the road? Did you get an alarm from a Heat-Timer® control in one of your buildings? Checking things out is a piece of cake by just firing up our app on your phone and drilling into building data. Most parameters impacting boiler operation are modifiable right from our phone app. Works on iPhone and Android devices with a free download from the app store.

Call a Heat-Timer® Rep Today to Talk about the Genesis of Heating Technology

Heat-Timer Genesis® is shipping today. It’s not to late to get one installed for the upcoming heating season – after all, it’s easy.

* Actual Savings may vary. Monthly savings is dependent on actual number of heating degree days.