Heat-Timer® Corporation

Heat-Timer Genesis® – Wireless Sensors


One of the key features that sets Heat-Timer Genesis® apart from other heating controls is the inclusion of pre-programmed wireless space sensors. The base product includes three space sensors but can connect to up to 5 for appropriate coverage of a typical small building of 20 units or less.

Installing the space sensors couldn’t be easier, simply mount them on the wall with the provided hardware in an apartment. The wireless sensors with their extended range, will report space temperatures directly to Heat-Timer Genesis® without need of repeaters or additional network hubs.

The space sensors perform a key role in the control of the heating system.  By utilizing building temperature readings from all areas of the building along with the outside temperature, algorithms actually self-learn the heating characteristics of your building.

The best part for building owners is that Heat-Timer Genesis®, utilizing its space sensors, is able to do this using the absolute minimum amount of fuel possible without sacrificing resident comfort. You can expect to save up to 30% on your fuel costs this winter, while maintaining a uniformity of building temperatures you never would have thought possible.

The Wireless Space Sensors last up to 10+ years before battery replacement is needed.  Battery status for each sensor is viewable remotely through the internet portal as well.

For more information about Heat-Timer Genesis®, please visit our website at: https://www.heat-timer.com/the-genesis/