Heat-Timer® Corporation

Going Mobile

For HVAC professionals considering a commercial heating control solution for an apartment complex, school, office building or other multi-dwelling structure, the value of going mobile probably can’t be overstated. And Heat-Timer’s multiple remote and mobile solutions are among the most robust in the industry. This is where the Heat-Timer® Platinum series stands in a class by itself as the world’s leading boiler control system.

Heat-Timer® Internet Control – “Building Net”

The Heat-Timer® Platinum series controls are meant for the most discerning heating and building management professionals, who want to be sure they are getting absolute maximum energy savings from their heating control. No matter what variation of our Platinum Series Control you need, they can be equipped with our internet control package called “Building Net,” Using this capability, any of our Platinum series modules can be completely controlled from an internet browser, or by using our free mobile app on any cell phone or tablet.

 What makes our app unique is the same thing that makes our controls unique: sophisticated parameter control and monitoring algorithms all available through login at our web-based internet portal or instantly through our free mobile app. You can program and receive alarms. You can change any setting that could be changed at the physical boiler room location in seconds from anywhere. There are security levels that can be set, restricting user capabilities as required. Furthermore, automated reports can be emailed to your computer daily, weekly or monthly.

It is worth mentioning that Platinum Series does not rely on the availability of the internet for operation, it can and does function completely independently. If the internet is down the control will still operate and provide heat until the internet is re-established.

“Going Mobile” is Easy.

As leaders in the heating control industry, we invite HVAC and plumbing professionals to compare the sophistication and intelligence of our “learning” controls, with any other heating controls available in the market today. Add to that the flexibility of Building Net remote monitoring and control, and we become the clear choice for “going mobile” and saving maximum dollars on fuel bills.