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Heat-Timer® Easy to Install Heating Controls

Building owners are already getting some heating bills that are already a bit higher than they would like and according to most, this is going to continue.  Add to that record high fuel prices and some may be regretting not upgrading their boiler management systems soon.

The good news is that advanced heating controls from Heat-Timer® are designed to integrate easily, without wires, into existing buildings in hours, not days. Both small and large building owners can take advantage of the easy installation of either the Genesis, or Platinum  Heat-Timer® heating controls. With such a simple installation it is easy to get up and running, allowing you to save up to 30% on fuel costs for the rest of the winter and every year to come.

In the 5 New York City boroughs there are literally thousands of multi-family dwellings housing millions of residents. Many of those buildings are on the smaller side, housing anywhere from 2 to 20 families. And the vast majority of those were built more than 50 years ago, using single steam or hot water boilers to heat radiators with piping, wiring, and risers buried long ago inside the walls of these buildings.


Building owners looking to modernize their heating systems to save on fuel, were often put off by the cost of recommended upgrades, especially when construction costs were factored in. Even heating control and thermostat solutions sometimes required running wires through multiple floors down to the

boiler room, when existing wiring could not support modern device interface requirements, or the wiring simply wasn’t where it needed it to be.

Genesis Was Made For This.

The key to achieving the level of comfort and savings that Heat-Timer Genesis® does, is its use of our proprietary wireless space sensors. By reporting space temperatures in key areas of the building identified by your heating technician, the self-learning algorithms of Heat-Timer Genesis® can actually learn the heating characteristics of your building.

And since the space sensors are wireless and boast extended range, they can simply be hung on a wall inside an apartment and the signal will reach through up to 10 floors to report to the Heat-Timer Genesis® unit. No running wires or setting up wireless repeaters. The sensors don’t even need to be plugged in, they run on two AA batteries and last for 10+ years.

Heat-Timer Genesis® – An Easy Button for Fuel Savings and Installation

Small apartment building owners can finally make an investment in improving their heating systems that doesn’t require them to have a PHD in HVAC, or take out a second mortgage or rip up their beautiful old building. The Heat-Timer Genesis® was made for you.

For the larger buildings of 20 units or more we recommend our tried and true Platinum Heating Controls. The same ease of installation applies to the Platinum controls where wireless sensors make integration into existing buildings a snap. Plus you have internet access anywhere, self learning algorithms that anticipate the unique thermal loss characteristics of your building, Real time alerts, Use with Steam or Hot Water Boilers and fuel savings up to 30%

For ordering information, give us a call or visit our website to learn more: https://www.heat-timer.com/the-genesis/