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Heat-Timer® ETV/ETS – Now Saving Time as well as Money..

For plumbing professionals, time IS money.  The longer a job takes, the longer your guys are tied up and can’t get to the next job. Or you have to bid the expected time so high that you never get the job in the first place.

Heat-Timer® has been helping commercial plumbers for decades by providing them high quality solutions for domestic hot water systems. The most current evolution of our 3-way mixing valve, we call our ETV or Electronic Tempering Valve. This motorized mixing valve is driven by a control module that utilizes an immersion sensor to control the mix of hot and cold water to maintain a desired mixed outlet temp +/- 2 degrees. With our computer guided ETV running the show, you can keep your hot water supply heated hot enough to be safe from bacteria (See Table Below) like Legionella, while delivering a perfectly controlled hot water temperature to end users. 

Heat-Timer’s ETV Now Delivered Inside the ETS

The Heat-Timer Electronic Tempering Valve (ETV) has been an industry standard valve for reliability and accuracy for many years. It’s a go-to for most commercial plumbers that have been around a while. But what many of them still don’t know is that the ETV is now available as part of the Electronic Tempering Station (ETS). This is a pre-plumbed ETV solution available in multiple piping sizes from 1 ½ inch to 4 inch piping. The entire goal of the ETS is to provide a ready to go solution for valve replacement that requires nothing more than hot and cold water connections and some A/C for the ETV Controller. Field experience has shown that the ETS saves many hours of time at the jobsite, in some cases allowing a complete switchover to the ETS solution in only a few hours. 

The ETS is a completely pre-wired, pre-plumbed solution including all unions, isolation valves, sensors and check valves that would be required in a first rate field installation. For added protection, the ETS assembly is configured to shut off the hot water supply to the mixing valve on loss of power or if the mixed outlet temperature exceeds the Alarm Limit. It does that by operating a separate High Temp Limit valve located on the hot water supply.

The assembly is compact and saves plumbers many hours of painstaking work while decreasing downtime of the hot water supply to the building being retrofitted. It is extremely cost effective and even comes in a duplex configuration built for high GPM requirements or critical installations requiring redundancy.

You do the math but we’re pretty sure that if you’re bidding large jobs for apartments, hotels, or hospital conversions, you’ll be at a competitive advantage if you bid with Heat-Timer’s Electronic Tempering Station. The ETS is simply the most economical, high-tech, and most efficient integrated DHW solution to bid on your next job.  




And don’t forget about the new ETS-LT, the wall mounted lower cost version of our ETS for simplex (single valve) configurations, for saving even more time/money on your DHW installations. 

Features of the ETS-LT

  • Completely prewired and pre-plumbed ETV suitable for wall mounting
  • Simplex configurations only
  • 6 Valve Sizes ranging from ¾” to 2 ½”
  • Safety hot water shutoff on loss of power or alarm conditions
  • Strong Unistrut frame for flexible wall mounting.
  • All unions, isolation valves and sensors included
  • Extremely accurate and safe hot water delivery.

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