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Heat-Timer HVAC Contractors will save you Money on Energy

The complexity of modern distributed heating systems for apartment complexes, schools, hotels, and campus’ require careful planning and implementation by commercial HVAC experts. At stake are tens of thousands of dollars of monthly energy costs that would otherwise go directly to your bottom line. Certified Heat-Timer® HVAC Contractors are not only heating system experts, but are partnered with the world’s leading solutions for modern heating controls. The combination creates an automated, optimized solution that leaves no money on the table.

Key Elements of Cost Optimization in Commercial Boiler Systems

Whether your building and its heating system is old or new, sending BTU’s up the stack is like burning hundred dollar bills at a campfire. Yet there are many ways this can happen in your boiler configuration and the analysis as to root cause, requires deep knowledge and experience with the many variations of boiler systems out there.

Here’s just a few ways that a heating system can be inefficient:

  1. Your boiler’s fire rate could be stuck at a constant 100%, expending all of its energy on heating a space that doesn’t need heat. Often due to boiler lockout controls or insufficient hydronic loop volume.
  2. Building space thermostats could be in the wrong place out of calibration, or room designations have changed since the design, giving your boiler false or faulty readings.
  3. Boiler are constantly operating from completely off to on, leading to thermal shock.
  4. Boiler return temperature could be too high, reducing the overall efficiency of hydronic condensing boilers.

Common to solving all these problems is some version of a heat timer Platinum Series control which uses advanced, self-learning algorithm’s to understand peak periods and hot spots in your building. Building installation is facilitated by connection to a network of wireless sensors and mobile alerts that make our controls operate more like a full-blown energy management system, at a fraction of the cost of one.

Using the BuildingNet interface, gives users remote access from an app on mobile phones, tablets, and an internet interface for desktop control. Our remote interface provides alarms and diagnostics to the user and allows for full customization of boiler operations. Furthermore, Our Platinum Series Control is compatible with nearly any building management system (BMS) you may want to install in the future, providing the heating control subsystem.

No matter how intricate, simplistic or out-of-date your system is, a Heat-Timer contractor’s main focus is to provide safe building energy solutions while providing the customer with tangible savings, easy to use heating controls, and a seamless interface with nearly any building management system out on the market.

We carefully vet and select only the highest of quality contractors through our online contractor partner program. Where we provide training and energy solution support for approved partners only, giving our customers the ability to choose contractors who serve at the need of the customer.

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