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Heat-Timer’s Mobile App keeps you out of the boiler room – and the office

Many years ago Heat-Timer® introduced smart, boiler controls that dramatically improved boiler efficiency and service monitoring. For the first time, Heat-Timer® provided building managers and service technicians with digital control that intelligently managed boiler cycling and reported and controlled all heating parameters from one place. It was a big leap forward from watching gauges and turning valves and saved building owners thousands of dollars every month in energy costs and maintenance calls.

The internet allowed us to evolve even further, making remote boiler control possible through our web-based portal. With this evolution, the remote operation was possible from any device with an internet browser. However, most users were still tied to their laptops, either in the office, balanced on the seat in the truck or at home. An alarm email/text late at night means booting up the computer and logging into a website to find out what is going on in the building.

Usability of Heat-Timer® Controls evolved again with the introduction of Heat-Timer’s free mobile app, introduced in 2015. Available for both IOS and Android, the app allows building managers and service technicians to monitor, receive alarms, and control a building’s heating system and Domestic Hot Water System from anywhere your cell phone works, with just a phone or tablet, no laptop required.

HVAC Contractors Just Got Back some Quality of Life!

For contractors, this means that service technicians can stay in the field making service calls without requiring a person in the office just to monitor building status. Better yet, technicians have full visibility of all of the sensors of the building they are in, wherever they are in the building. A single technician can be on the 7th floor checking for heat, while making real-time adjustments to the boiler in the basement and monitoring other space sensors.

Likewise, Heat-Timer’s mobile app can free building managers from their office. A manager can be at a building working with tenants and solving problems, confident that they still have full visibility of what is going on at the other properties they manage. When away from work, they can still respond to alarms, monitor problems and adjust many system settings with their phone, rather than from the laptop in their home office or the boiler room.

The mobile app has many of the same features as the desktop applications in an intuitive, easy to learn interface. These features include:

  • Receiving alarms, and then immediately being able to look at the status of the whole system right on your phone, making a remote diagnosis of problems easier.
  • Monitoring other critical building systems such as the sump pump status, fuel oil level, CO sensor alarms, leak detection, boiler lockout and many more.
  • Adjustments to the heating system control based on unit feedback from Heat-Timer’s Wireless Sensor Network. These wireless sensor readings are displayed on a sensor summary screen in the app.

If you already have a Heat-Timer® internet control, there is no reason not to try the free Heat-Timer® Mobile App. Just search for “ICMS by Heat-Timer®” at any app store. If your Platinum Controller currently does not have internet access, the new mobile app is a great reason to upgrade.

Contact a Heat-Timer® representative today to discuss how to get started with the Heat-Timer® App today.