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Heat-Timer’s Wireless Sensor Integration Just got a Big Upgrade

One of the most appealing parts of the Heat-Timer® Platinum Series is the wireless sensor connectivity that comes with our Building Net internet upgrade. There are thousands of clients who own an original, non-internet capable Platinum Series control and when they upgrade the control with our Building Net internet package they actually get two major elements:

  1.       An Internet/Mobile ready control – The Building Net upgrade gives any platinum control the ability to be controlled via the internet through a simple browser connection to a web management portal, or via our free mobile app. In either case, reports, alarms, control settings, and real-time monitoring are all at your fingertips, wherever those fingertips may be.
  2.       Wireless Sensor Integration – You can think of this as the second network access that is enabled by the Building Net upgrade. This internal Long Range network allows you to connect our wireless space sensors to the control, which by reporting temperatures in various parts of the building, enables a greater level of automated control and efficiency over your heating equipment. In the field, we see that this upgrade can result in an additional 15% further decrease in monthly heating bills over a Heat-Timer® Platinum Control without it.

Heat-Timer® highly recommends that platinum control owners who have not yet upgraded their control to our Building Net package, consider it as soon as possible. The upgrade is not cost prohibitive and the opportunity to reduce heating costs further, reduce boiler maintenance and repair costs, and provide amazing convenience and control from any mobile device, make this an ROI positive investment in every sense of the word.

And now Wireless Sensor Integration is Even Easier

With the introduction of Heat-Timer® Genesis last year, small building owners actually got their first look at an improved wireless sensor and sensor network. Utilizing newer, long range technology two major upgrades became part of the wireless sensor system:

  1.       Sensor Range – A new implementation of the wireless sensor network has resulted in much greater sensor range capability. With new models, sensors communicate through as many as 8 floors without the need for repeaters.
  2.       Sensor Battery Life – With a new sensor implementation that uses modern low power devices, our new sensors are capable of 10+ years of activity on a single set of AA lithium batteries. Remember too that sensor battery life is easily monitored through the web portal.

This extended range sensor network is now available for all Heat-Timer® Platinum Series Customers!  If you haven’t already purchased this upgrade for your Platinum Control, you now have even more of a reason!

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