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Apartment Building/Complex Operators

As an apartment complex owner, manager, or operator, your challenge is to walk a line between resident comfort and the high costs of heating and providing hot water. The cost of energy of course, comes right off your bottom line, and yet many owners fail to understand the opportunity for cost reduction that exists through use of modern heating and/or hot water system controls, in both new and old buildings.

In both heating and domestic hot water applications for apartments, providing comfortable heating and getting hot water safely to all areas of your building during peak periods is a primary concern. For apartment complexes with multiple boilers, or even multiple boiler rooms, the Heat Timer Platinum Series Controls were designed with you in mind. Able to manage the delivery of heat and domestic hot water, these are our most sophisticated, self-learning, internet ready controls. Easy to install and program with complete wireless sensor interface capability, these controls feature remote capabilities that allow full monitoring and control of any kind of distributed or multi-stage heating system. Along with our 2, 3, and 4 way tempering valves, concerns about peak hot water delivery and bacteria formation are all but eliminated.

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Schools and Universities

Among Heat Timer’s clients, number hundreds of schools and universities across the country. In the never-ending quest to deliver education for the least amount of money possible, these schools have used Heat Timer controls in almost every way imaginable.

  • Heat Timer Platinum Series Controls were used with an older multi-boiler system to both extend boiler life while reducing heating costs.
  • Digi-Span set point series controls used with Heat Timer Vacuum Pumps to cut run times on steam boiler at a large high school and elementary school. Our solution required no boiler replacement and both increased building comfort while reducing operating and fuel consumption costs.
  • A Heat Timer Multi-Mod system, and a Heat Timer Steam Control were used to replace a manual lead/lag control system, eliminating dramatic hot/cold spot occurrences in the major heating zones a large historic building complex.
  • Heat-Timer Hot water Reset Control valve was used to deliver a highly efficient baseboard hydronic heating system. The volve is able to vary the temperature of the circulating water based on outside air temperature so as to use the least energy possible to heat the system.

Schools and historical buildings commonly have older heating systems that school boards are loathe to fund the replacement of. Heat Timer’s products can extend boiler life, reduce energy costs, and address long standing heating/cooling issues in your school, all for a fraction of the cost of a complete system upgrade. Payback can occur in as little as a few months, but the ability to control and monitor your system instantly and remotely is for some operators, priceless.

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Hotels, and Resorts

The hotel guest stuck with a cold shower, will almost certainly give that hotel the cold shoulder next time they go to book a stay. Conversely, run a system that delivers shower water too hot and the scalding injury lawsuits are sure to follow.

Operators of Hotels and Resorts face the common problem of delivering bacteria free, non-scalding domestic hot water to clients during peak periods. They must provide this to all rooms and area’s in all locations, while insuring that excessive boiler duty cycles do not run up heating bills.

Heat Timer makes and manufactures some of the most reliable mixing valve and DHW solutions to be found in the USA. These solutions are already used by major hotel brands across the country as well as resorts and retreats with both old and new boilers and distribution systems. Our valves work with both hot water and steam heating solutions and integrate with our control systems, while providing fail-safe operation.

Heat Timer valve products for hydronic heating, and domestic hot water, complement the sophisticated wireless heating control systems available for every type of building management system used in the hospitality industry. Our systems can act as a standalone Energy Management BMS or can be integrated into larger BMS systems through industry standard interfaces like BACNET. Remote sensors and internet monitoring and control complete the offering making our systems one of the easiest to deploy in all kinds of buildings.

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Factories and Industrial Solutions

While Heat Timer’s control products see use as heating and DHW controls in many factories and warehouses, our systems are so versatile and flexible that they also provide industrial process steam for all kinds of related applications. These include R&D labs, manufacturing processes requiring steam for tool operation, or even medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing where our systems control the use of steam or hot water in various stages of the manufacturing process.

Many boilers used in factories have been around a while. For “automation”, they employ simple lead/lag pressure transmitter controls. These controls could be thought of as the earliest kind of boiler automation however they possess no anticipatory logic, no timers in their circuits, and no analog controls. As a result these system boilers were often in a high fire/low fire configuration, with one operating at 100% and the other operating at 15%. This not only placed uneven wear and tear on the boilers, but the instability of the flame, particularly at low fire, was damaging the burners earlier than necessary.

Using a Heat Timer Multi-MOD full modulating boiler control, allowed our client to modulate each boiler stage to maintain precise temperature control. Using only one sensor in the common steam header, our system automatically rotates boilers according to user requirement. Furthermore, the system uses proprietary algorithms to anticipate demand, rather than simply react to changes in the load. Accurate, anticipatory modulating control is essentially the best treatment you can give a boiler and the Heat Timer Multi-MOD is designed to deliver exactly that.

All this coupled with alarms, monitoring and control available to you on the internet or right from your cell phone or iPad. All this capability works together with you to extend boiler life in both heating and process related applications in your factory.

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Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and all kinds of health care operations have some of the most unforgiving requirements for control of domestic hot water temperature. Scalding is a constant threat to already frail patient populations and many states health departments set regulations stating the maximum temperature of outlet water in public facilities (~110 degrees). In many facilities, older systems with simple steam regulating valves fail to provide the requisite control. To avoid scalding, facility managers turn the temperature down, but then during heavy demand these systems fail to deliver enough hot water.

In order to solve these kinds of problems, HVAC experts commonly recommend the Heat-Timer Tempering Valve, along with its associated Temperature Monitoring Control. Using this system it is possible to both control boiler temperature through programmable set points, while being able to automatically shut down the hot water should a problem arise.

The system uses a sensor downstream of the tempering valve which is read by the TMC. The control operates a solenoid on the tempering valve which can react to water temperature that exceeds the programmed set point by as little as one degree. The valve shuts down the hot water until temperature returns to within limits set by operators.

Heat timer now makes a Tempering Station as well, which combines the valve and the control system all pre-wired and pre-plumbed for simple installation. Simply plug it in and connect hot and cold water supply for simple and immediate operation.

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Our systems are designed for commercial and multi-family applications, no matter how large, complex or demanding your heating requirements are, or how old or new your building is. Our product focus is on creating systems that are easy to install, program and manage, and provide money saving heating system control, and safe domestic hot water.

If you are a hotel operator, apartment building manager, mall or campus operations manager, or HVAC professional looking for a cost effective and reliable solution to domestic hot water, contact our team of heating design professionals today.