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What is Space Feedback?

What is Space Feedback?

Using outdoor reset to control building heat is a great way to save energy while providing general comfort. However, every building behavior is different due to its structure, orientation, type of radiation, solar gain, etc… There maybe times where the amount of energy entering the building is more or less than needed. In such situations, Space Feedback can be used to finetune the heating system water temperature to the space temperature.

Since building heating is a very slow process, any water temperature changes may take a long time to reflect on the building space temperature. Most available heating controls will use the target space temperature as a cutoff point. That is whenever, the space temperature is satisfied, the control will turn off the boiler. This will allow the residual heat in the pipes and the boiler to over heat the building. In addition, it will not turn the boiler back on until the space temperature drops a degree or two below the space target.

On the other hand, Heat-Timer controls monitor the space average over a period of time and adjusts the boiler water temperature for the following period accordingly. This eliminates space temperatrue overshooting or undershooting. The advantage of this concept is that it takes into consideration the slowness of the heating process.

When measuring the space average, the HWR and HWRQ Platinum controls incorporate a calculation method that will exclude any temperature reading that is away from the majority. This prevents users from tempering with the control behavior.