Heat-Timer® Corporation


DIGI-SPAN® RSM-Elite Digi-Elite RSM Literature Digi-Elite RSM Manual Digi-Elite RSM Specification Wiring Enclosure Manual RSM Manual (Old Style) Residential Snow Melt Control Overview: The Heat-Timer RSM is designed to control under slab heating systems used to melt ice or snow. It can be used in driveways, staircases, sidewalks, or other locations which must be kept clear on snow or ice. Read More


Varivalve Varivalve Literature Radiator Air Vents Straight/Angle Overview: The venting capacity of radiator air vents and main line air vents used in single pipe steam heating systems has an important effect on the operation of these systems. In order to obtain a better understanding of these effects, The Center for Energy and Environment conducted experiments both in the laboratory and Read More

Electronic Valve Station (ETS)

ETS – Electronic Tempering Station ETS Literature ETV Platinum Plus Literature ETV Platinum Plus Manual ETV Platinum Plus CSI Specification ETV Platinum Plus Communication Manual HTC Valve Actuator Manual Motorized Stainless (Safety) Ball Valve Literature Motorized Stainless (Safety) Ball Valve Manual The Heat Timer Electronic Tempering Station for Domestic Hot Water Applications Overview: The ETS was designed as a fully Read More

BACnet (Communications)

BACnet (Communications) Configuration Manual Upgrade Manual BACnet IP and MSTP Capable Platinum Controls Overview: Any of the Platinum controls can be purchased or upgraded to a BACnet IP / MSTP communication.  Thus, allowing a Building Management System (BMS) or an Energy Management System (EMS) to view, edit, and log the operation of the different boilers, pumps, and valves managed by Read More

DHW Energy Saver

DHW Energy Saver DHW Energy Saver Literature DHW Energy Saver Manual Operates a domestic hot water boiler and a circulating pump Overview: The (Domestic Hot water) DHW Energy Saver operates a domestic hot water boiler and circulating pump to save on fuel by using a setback schedule.  It connects to a Heat-Timer RINet Platinum control (all MPC, MPCQ, HWR, HWRQ, Read More