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ETV Platinum Plus – Electronic Tempering Valve Control

Electronic Tempering Valves for Domestic Hot Water


When water temperature control and convenient operation are needed, the ETV delivers.

This electronic tempering valve accurately regulates water temperature for a wide variety of applications. The large, easy-to-read display and user-friendly adjustment module can be located conveniently, up to 500 feet from the valve. This allows outlet water temperature to be monitored at a glance and for the temperature to be adjusted without having to access the valve piping.

The ETV Platinum Plus combines a rugged stainless-steel or bronze valve body, reliable electronic actuator, and a control module. The control module constantly monitors the outlet temperature of the valve which is constantly displayed and can be read across the room in virtually any lighting conditions. Based on the set point, which is user-adjustable in 1° increments, the control employs PID-type logic to adjust the signal sent to the actuator. The actuator mounts directly to valve body and mixes the hot and cold water required to produce the desired outlet temperature.

The control quickly restores the desired water temperature, even after large changes in load conditions, with a minimum of fluctuation. This makes the ETV Platinum Plus ideal for applications with sudden load shifts or where an outlet water return cannot be piped into the cold water supply of the valve challenging applications in the same inexpensive, easy-to-use package.

Approved by:
ASSE International Standard 1017.
CSA Group NSF/ANSI 61 2016.

The ETV Platinum Plus is ideal for any application where water temperature must be accurately controlled.

Typical use include:

  • Domestic hot water temperature control
  • Heating and cooling applications
  • Industrial processes
  • The ETV Platinum Plus is certified by ASSE that it meets Standard 1017-2009
  • The ETV Platinum Plus is certified to be installed in Massachusetts
  • Stainless Steel Packages comply with California Lead Free Code AB1953
  • Stainless Steel Packages are certified by CSA to comply with NSF / ANSI 61-2008
Package includes ETV Platinum Plus Control, Temperature Probe Sensor, Actuator, and Stainless Steel Valve
MODEL VALVE SIZE Standard Internet Option Bacnet Option Modbus Option 
ETV 1/2″ 915670-00 915670-RINET 915670-BAC 915670-BUS
ETV  3/4″ 915671-00 915671-RINET 915671-BAC 915671-BUS
ETV 1″ 915672-00 915672-RINET 915672-BAC 915672-BUS
ETV 1-1/4″ 915673-00 915673-RINET 915673-BAC 915673-BUS
ETV 1-1/2″ 915674-00 915674-RINET 915674-BAC 915674-BUS
ETV 2″ 915675-00 915675-RINET 915675-BAC 915675-BUS
ETV 2-1/2″ 915676-00 915676-RINET 915676-BAC 915676-BUS
Replacement Parts
ETV Plus Control Replacement Parts
ETV Plus Control with Enclosure (No Sensor) 915045-00
ETV Plus Control without Enclosure (No Sensor) 915044-00
Stainless Steel Valve, Actuator with Transformer
1/2″ Stainless Steel Valve / Actuator Assembly 915640-00
3/4″” Stainless Steel Valve / Actuator Assembly 915641-00
1″ Stainless Steel Valve / Actuator Assembly 915642-00
1-1/4″ Stainless Steel Valve / Actuator Assembly 915643-00
1-1/2″ Stainless Steel Valve / Actuator Assembly 915644-00
2″ Stainless Steel Valve / Actuator Assembly 915645-00
2 1/2″ Stainless Steel Valve / Actuator Assembly 915646-00

Connected the control to power correctly but no display or LED is on.
Most controls are equipped with a fuse on the back of the main board to help protect the control against power surges. Check the fuse on the back of the control using a continuity meter. If continuity does not exist, replace the fuse with the same fuse size and rating.

My outdoor sensor reading does not match the actual temperature.
The outdoor sensor measurement may vary based on its location and its sun exposure. In most cases it will never match a weather station that is located several miles away. most current Heat-Timer controls have a Trim feature which allows the sensor reading to be slightly modified just a few degrees to satisfy similar circumstances. If the difference was large, then check the sensor by disconnecting one of its wires from the control. The control should read OPEN. If not, contact technical support.

Why is my temperature sensor reading Open on the control display?
Remove the sensor wires from the control and check for continuity across the wires with and meter. If no continuity existed, check or replace the wires. if continuity did exist, then contact technical support.

Why is my temperature sensor reading Short on the control display?
Remove one of the sensor wires from the control. The control display should change and display OPEN. Then check the sensor wiring specifically around spliced areas. If wiring was good, then disconnect the sensor wires from the control and check the sensor wires with an Ohm meter. The readings should match the sensor temperature chart on the control manual. It not, then replace the sensor. If after removing one of the sensor wires the control read SHORT, then contact tech support.

Download the ETV Control in Google Sketchup 3D format by clicking here.

Please click here to download ETV Valve Revit Files

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