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MLS/MLS-A – Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm Boiler Control


The MLS Smoke Alarm control Series is a highly sensitive device used for the instant detection and warning of excessive smoke in flues of heating system boilers in apartment houses, office, and institutional buildings as well as boilers used for commercial and processing purposes.

It is applicable to any boiler system that utilizes organic fuels such as gas, oil, and coal – where sooty or dirty combustion might exist.

A number of municipalities, such as New York City – for example, require the use of Air Contaminant Detectors in buildings that burn certain organic fuels subject to incomplete combustion.

The MLS and MLSA come complete with Control, transmitter and receiver.

  • Voltage regulated. (Not affected by line voltage irrugularities)
  • Automatic burner shutdown
  • Dual Visual and Audible Alarm notifications
  • Built-in non-operating warning
  • Simple calibration and installation
  • Smoke Alarm is UL listed under Signal Appliances, Miscellaneous
  • The MLS units offers a separately wired Transmitter
MLSA Complete (Burner Reset, Receiver, and MLSA Transmitter) 925501-00
MLS Complete (Burner Reset, Receiver, and MLS Transmitter) 925502-00
Vis-U-Alarm 925011-00
Receiver 925008-00
Burner reset 925009-00
MLSA transmitter (Connects to Burner Reset) 925010-00
MLS transmitter (Connects to 120VAC) 925004-00

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