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Oil Filter Monitoring Kit

Oil Filter Monitoring Kit


All boiler fuel oil types require a filter. Monitoring the oil filter contamination level and cleaning or replacing it when the contamination affects the burner operation can help reduce future burner problems. The Oil Filter Monitoring Kit triggers an alarm when the oil filter needs cleaning or replacing. It does that by measuring the vacuum created by the oil pump. The higher the vacuum the dirtier the filter.

Two types of Oil Filter Monitoring Kits are available.

Oil Filter Monitoring with SPC-Elite (HT# 950082-00)

  • SPC-Elite
  • Vacuum Transducer

This SPC can then be connected to a visual or audible alarm. Vis-U-Larm (HT# 925011-00) is a visual-audio alarm and is recommended by Heat-Timer. The Vis-U-Larm is purchased separately.

Oil Filter Monitoring For Internet Communication (HT# 950093-00)

  • 4-20mA Transmitter Interface
  • Vacuum Transducer

The 4-20mA Transmitter Interface connects to Internet ready Platinum controls. The transducer and alarms must be configured on the web using the ICMS (http://www.htcontrols.com). Alarms will be in the form of viewable web alarm, E-mail, or text message to a cellular phone. • Requires the purchase of MSI Hub (HT# 904284-00).

  • Adjustable set point
  • Triggers an alarm when set point is reached
  • Offers visual audio alarm connection (for SPC Kits. Also, requires Vis-U-Larm)
  • Offers Email, cell-phone text message, and web alarm (for Internet Kits. Also requires MSI Hub)
Oil Filter Monitoring Kit with SPC Control 950082-00
Oil Filter Monitoring Kit for Internet Communication 950091-00
MSI Hub for Internet Kits 904284-00
Vis-U-Larm (Visual/Audio Alarm must be ordered separately) for SPC Kits 925011-00

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