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OTM (Oil Tank Monitor)

Oil Tank Level Monitor


The Oil Tank Monitor displays the number of inches of any type of oil in a tank with large 3/8” inch digits that can be clearly read from across a boiler room. The unit can activate an alarm if the oil level falls below a desired number of inches. The Oil Tank Monitor is also designed to transmit the tank level over the Internet through any of the Platinum controls. The Internet communciatin on the Platinum control will allow remote users to monitor the number of gallons or inches in the tank and send out alarms if the tank level dropped below a specified level.

The Oil Tank Monitor has an air pump for automatic pressure compensation. An internal timer energizes the pump at regular intervals to insure correct operation. The pump can also be programmed to activate immediately for testing or after maintenance.

The Oil Tank Monitor’s internal programming mode allows adjustment of the Alarm value in inches and provides an offset for tube placement in the oil tank. Once programmed, these values will not be lost if power is interrupted or lost. The program values are displayed, allowing precise adjustment for each setting.

  • Can be connected to existing Petrometer.
  • Built-in pump that energizes automatically at regular intervals to ensure correct operation.
  • Bright Display will show inches in tank.
  • The OTM can activate an external alarm when tank level falls below a selectable level.
  • Can be connected to any Internet Communication capable Platinum control for remote reading.
  • Configurable to work with #2, #4, and #6 Oil.
OTM MSI 926832-00

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