Heat-Timer® Corporation


DIGI-SPAN® HWE-Elite & SEQ-3 Literature Wiring Enclosure Manual HWE-MOV CSI Specs HWE-MOV Manual HWE-SS CSI Specs HWE-SS Manual CSI Specs SEQ-3 Manual Residential Hot Water Outdoor Reset Boiler and Motorized Valve Heating Controls Overview: Simple affordable outdoor reset boiler and motorized valve controls for residential and small commercial applications. Now even smaller commercial properties and homeowners can enjoy the benefits Read More

DIGI-SPAN® MC-Elite Series

DIGI-SPAN® MC-Elite Series Literature Digi-Elite MC-Series Manual Wiring Enclosure Manual Modulating Controls for Current, Voltage, and 135 Ω signals Overview: Simple Affordable Modulating Set Point or Reset Controls for Temperature or Pressure. Well suited for radiant and process applications, the MC-Elite changes the position of a valve, burner, or variable speed drive in response to changes in sensor readings. Temperature, Pressure, Read More


DIGI-SPAN® RSM-Elite Digi-Elite RSM Literature Digi-Elite RSM Manual Digi-Elite RSM Specification Wiring Enclosure Manual RSM Manual (Old Style) Residential Snow Melt Control Overview: The Heat-Timer RSM is designed to control under slab heating systems used to melt ice or snow. It can be used in driveways, staircases, sidewalks, or other locations which must be kept clear on snow or ice. Read More


DIGI-SPAN® SPC-Elite Digi-Elite SPC Literature Digi-Elite SPC Manual Wiring Enclosure Manual SPC Hi-Temp Manual (OS) SPC Press Manual (Old Style) SPC Temp Manual (Old Style) Single Set Point Digital Control Overview: The SPC Elite is the perfect control whenever On/Off or two position control is required. The SPC Elite constantly displays the sensor’s value as well as the Set Point to Read More


DIGI-SPAN® TSC-Elite Digi-Elite TSC Literature Digi-Elite TSC Manual Wiring Enclosure Manual TSC Manual (Old Style) TSC/TSR/COC Manual (Old) Two-Stage Digital Set Point Control Overview: The TSC-Elite Provides accurate control for two set points. The TSC-Elite is ideal whenever two stages of control are needed to maintain your set point. This applies to dual control of boilers, water heaters, fans, refrigeration Read More