Heat-Timer® Corporation

SMC (Snow Melt)

SMC (Snow Melt) SMC CSI Specification SMC Manual SMC Literature Snow Melt Control for Under Slab Hydronic Heating Systems Overview: The Heat-Timer SMC control system regulates the slab temperature to efficiently melt ice and snow. Therefore, it increases safety in many areas such as driveways, parking lots, staircases, walkways, station platforms, etc. It is designed to run an under slab Read More

SQ-Elite Series

SQ-Elite Series SQ-Elite Literature SQ-Elite-8S Manual SQ-Elite-8S CSI Specs SQ-Elite-8T Manual SQ-Elite-8T CSI Specification SQ-Elite-MV Manual SQ-Elite Interface Manual Sequencing Controls for Hydronic and Steam Heating Systems Overview: A Multi-Stage Output Sequencing Control for Hydronic, Steam, or Motorized Valve Applications Based on Outdoor Reset or a Set Point. The SQ-Elite comes in many models. It’s available as an eight-stage hydronic Read More

ESV – Electronic Steam Valve Control

ESV – Electronic Steam Valve Control ESV Literature ESV Manual ESV CSI Specification Dual Steam Valve Electronic Control Overview: The ESV is designed to operate two modulating motorized valves to maintain a set point. It can connect to steam, vacuum, or temperature sensors. It offers two modes of operation, either parallel modulation where both motorized valves wil act as one. Read More

ETV Platinum Plus – Electronic Tempering Valve Control

ETV Platinum Plus – Electronic Tempering Valve Control ETV Platinum Plus Literature ETV Platinum Plus Manual ETV Platinum Plus CSI Specification ETV Platinum Plus Communication Manual HTC Valve Actuator Manual Motorized Stainless (Safety) Ball Valve Literature Motorized Stainless (Safety) Ball Valve Manual ETV Plus Control Manual (Discontinued) Small Valve Actuator Manual (Old Style) SS Large Valve Manual (Old Style) Electronic Read More