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HVAC Control Systems Explained

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HVAC Control Systems – What They Are and Why They Matter 

Large buildings like office buildings, schools, apartment buildings, government buildings and factory buildings have some of the highest energy costs in the country. And if you’re in the northern area’s of the country, make no mistake:  its the ‘H’ in HVAC that is costing you most of that money.  It’s essential that building operations managers implement technology and systems that reduce these costs without compromising on comfort or safety – this is where HVAC control systems like the Heat-Timer Platinum Series come in.

HVAC Control Systems are an Essential Step toward Building Automation 

Heat Timer's Platinum Series Heating Control System
Heat Timer Platinum Control

Building automation is about creating fully integrated systems to effectively manage environmental conditions and other elements within a building at maximum efficiency through an automated system. While full scale building management systems integrate things like lighting controls, sprinkler systems, fire control and security monitoring, by far the biggest cost benefit is their control of energy usage during heating and cooling.  By integrating multiple systems for ease of use and control, the building benefits from having a single, central point for enhanced monitoring and analysis of energy usage, notifications of boiler inefficiencies, exact monitoring of the temperature and flow of domestic hot water, and fully customizable control for HVAC throughout each zone of the building.

While this has been all about maximizing energy savings, there’s a lot more to implementing a state-of-the-art HVAC control system. Firstly, the environmental benefits are significant, and there are often state and federal rebates to support these types of eco-friendly investments that take pressure off the grid. Building automation systems pay for themselves over time, primarily through the money they save on energy costs every month. 

But perhaps one of the best things about HVAC control systems is how much they can improve the quality of life of building managers and HVAC repairmen across the county. Controls like the Heat-Timer® Platinum series are completely mobile friendly. Reporting faults no longer requires a boiler room visit as the system will send alerts to building operations teams right to their cell phones, noting where the fault occurred and what happened, so that repairs are faster and easier or even correctable by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone. Modern control systems like the Platinum series actually use some A.I. to learn the characteristics of your building which can reduce capacity during off-peak hours and ramp it up in anticipation of peak times.

The Leading Heat and Domestic Hot Water Control Systems are Made by Heat-Timer® Corporation

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