Heat-Timer® Corporation

Hydronic Heating Controls

Without question, hydronic heating is one of the most comfortable ways to heat a multi-family building. When a well-designed and properly installed hydronic heating system is paired with a good control system, end users all but forget the system is even there. Property or facility managers can maintain resident comfort for relatively low energy costs.

The Heat-Timer® line of smart controls for hydronic heating systems is extensive which allows us to manage boilers in almost any configuration imaginable. From simple single boiler systems to distributed boiler applications in multiple rooms across a large campus, Heat-Timer® Platinum controls feature wireless sensor connectivity that help the control learn your specific building’s needs. Mobile connectivity through the internet or our free mobile app gives you complete remote visibility of your building or portfolio.

Heat-Timer® Hydronic Heating Controls

Heat-Timer® makes a number of products that are made to control hydronic heating systems depending on your heating system configuration.


The Mini-MOD is an outdoor reset modulating boiler control with built-in Domestic Hot Water Priority. The Mini-MOD can modulate multiple hot water boilers in a Hydronic heating applications to offer maximum fuel savings. Up to two Mini-Extension can be added each connecting to 6 additional boilers. for a total of 16 boilers.

The Mini-MOD-CNC is an outdoor reset hybrid control. It operates condensing and non-condensing boilers in a Hydronic heating application with or without Domestic Hot Water Priority to achieve the highest efficiency. It operates both modulating and staging boilers. The Mini-MOD-CNC sequences up to 4 boilers for Hydronic Applications. In addition, up to two Mini-Extension can be added, each connecting to 6 additional boilers, to increase the total number of operated boilers to 16.

Platinum: HWR (Hot Water)

The HWR Platinum is a hot water boiler Outdoor Reset heating control with a built-in Domestic Hot Water Priority option. It operates a single  ON/OFF boiler  or a motorized 3-way valve to achieve maximum fuel savings.  The HWR has multiple DAY and NIGHT scheduling that allows customization of heating for maximum efficiency in control operation and fuel savings.  In addition to the scheduling feature, the HWR has a Vari-Boost feature that will bring a building back to a level of comfort quickly based on the outdoor temperature after the cooler night period.

Platinum: HWRQ (Hot Water)

The HWRQ Platinum is a multiple hot water boiler Outdoor Reset heating control with built-in Domestic Hot Water Priority that offers tremendous fuel savings. It controls up to 8 boiler Stages (8 ON/OFF boilers, 4 Lo/Hi boilers, 2 Lo/Hi/Lo boilers, or 2 Lo/Hi/Lo/Hi boilers)and up to 24 additional stages can be added using multiple Extension Modules.  The HWR-Q uses PID sequencing which uses the rate of change in system temperature to provide stable / comfortable heating to the building while preventing short cycling of a boiler stage.

Platinum: Multi-MOD (Modulating)

The Multi-MOD is the perfect control whenever multiple modulating boilers are required for heating or cooling. The Multi-MOD can sequence up to 4 modulating boilers  With  an addition of 1 or 2 Extension Module  that can add  an additional   8 modulating boilers, the Multi MOD can control up to 20 modulating boilers.   The Multi-MOD Platinum is unique among lead-lag systems in that is PID algorithm controls to precisely the desired target temperature.  The Multi-MOD Platinum does not waste energy by activating unneeded stages and running them in the inefficient high modulation mode.

SQ-Elite Series

The SQ-Elite is the perfect control whenever multiple stages are required for heating, cooling, pressure, or humidity applications. With 8 output stages it will automatically activate as many stages needed to maintain precise set point control using P.I.D logic or an Over-Size System concept. In addition, it can be set to a specific set point or can use Outdoor Reset. The SQ-Elite is equipped with DHW Pump, and combustion air damper relays. In addition, it provides an advanced logic to protect boilers from cold returns.

The SQ-Elite-8T and SQ-Elite-MV can provide an additional output for each boiler for a boiler pump or boiler valve, which can remain active for an adjustable time delay.


The Heat-Timer® RSM is designed to control slab heating systems used to melt ice or snow in residential applications. It can be used in driveways, staircases, sidewalks, or other locations, which must be kept clear on snow or ice. The RSM will activate the slab heating system when the outdoor temperature is low enough that ice or snow could form.

DIGI-SPAN® MC-Elite Series

This series of controls senses temperature, pressure, Vacuum, or humidity.  In addition to set point control, the MC-Elite can operate with an outdoor sensor to satisfy Outdoor Reset applications.


The VSP-Elite is a variable speed injection pump control and is ideal for most residential and light commercial radiant hydronic heating. The VSP-Elite adjusts the speed of the pump to accurately control the amount of hot water injected into the heating/secondary loop. The VSP-Elite can be used as a hot water Outdoor Reset or single set point control.