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Internet Based Heating Control

Internet Monitoring & Wireless Heating Controls Heat Timer Platinum Series

Heat Timer’s advanced Platinum series controls have the internet and wireless communication capability you would expect from the world leader in commercial heating controls. Our Internet Control Management System (ICMS) provides users a sophisticated, real time view of heating, hot water, and energy use in multiple buildings and multiple boiler rooms. It provides real time alarms to multiple users via multiple mediums.

Heat Timer wireless and internet controls also go beyond just monitoring to allow for full and instantaneous control of all controllable settings by only properly authorized individuals.

Features of our Platinum series Controls include:

Boiler Room Management

  • Wireless Boiler Control and monitoring from Ipad or mobile phone.
  • Internet access requires no special apps, runs on any browser
  • Mobile App management for Cell phones
  • Multiple users can access and receive notifications.
  • Receive alarms and alerts instantly

Building Energy Management

  • Wireless sensor feedback makes for easy retrofit and improved boiler efficiency
  • Remotely access multiple systems in multiple buildings or boiler rooms
  • Integrates with BMS systems
  • Advanced energy reporting and comparison features
  • Instantaneous feedback and change control to/from remote devices.

Wireless Network Sensor System – The Future of Remote Monitoring

The Heat-Timer Wireless Network Sensor System is designed to be utilized in a variety of large buildings, garden apartments, and in retrofit applications giving the accuracy and flexibility required to monitor and heat those buildings. The aim of the wireless sensor product line is to ease the installation of space sensors in buildings where it would be difficult or cost prohibitive to run physical connections.

All of Heat-Timer’s Platinum controls come with the communication hardware and protocols necessary to access and understand wireless sensor data. The values read from the wireless sensor system are used by the Platinum controls to fine-tune its operations allowing our proprietary self-learning algorithms even more opportunity to save you money.

Note that a major advantage to the Platinum Heat-Timer BACnet controls is their ability to function independently. This means that even when the BMS/EMS is down, the control will function based on its settings. Settings can be changed locally when proper security rights are granted.

Wireless Heating Controls built for Multi-Family & Commercial Heating Requirements.

The Heat-Timer Platinum series is a product line tailored to the needs of large scale commercial and multi-family, distributed boiler controls. The Platinum line is considered “self learning” and allows wireless sensor and control integration for easy retrofit into old or new buildings.

If you are a hotel operator, apartment building manager, mall or campus operations manager, or HVAC professional looking for a modern, wireless, internet managed solution to boiler controls you can begin your search using our product finder or look at the categories of Internet Based heating control products we provide below.

Heating Type Burner Type # of Boilers Product
Steam Modulating Multiple Multi-Mod Platinum
Steam Staging Multiple MPC-Q Platinum
Hot Water Modulating Single HWR-Platinum
Hot Water Modulating Multiple Multi-Mod Platinum
Hot Water Staging Single HWR Platinum
Hot Water Staging Multiple HWR-Q Platinum

Our Platinum series systems are designed for commercial and multi-family applications, no matter how large, complex or demanding your heating requirements are, or how old or new your building is. Our product focus is on creating modern systems that are easy to install, program and manage, and that save building owners the maximum amount possible on yearly fuel costs while maintaining heating comfort and extending boiler life.

For help with the requirements of your installation, call the experts at Heat Timer today.