Heat-Timer® Corporation
Light Commercial Heating Controls

Light Commercial/Residential Heating Control Systems

For large residential and small commercial applications, Heat Timer makes the DIGI-SPAN Series of affordable outdoor reset boiler and valve controls. Now everyone can enjoy lower heating bills, and longer boiler life while insuring comfort. These controls can be installed easily by a professional.

Despite being highly affordable, these controls have some sophisticated capabilities. They are capable of controlling a single boiler with a System Pump and DHW pump. Or they can control two boilers or a two stage fired boiler and a System Pump. Finally, it can control up to three individual boilers.

Product variations in the DIGI-SPAN Series can give it domestic hot water priority options as well as the ability to control a domestic hot water pump. Other variations give you the ability to modulate a 3-way valve to achieve better control of building heat. Others provide residential snow melt control.

Most importantly with these controls, smaller commercial properties and homeowners can enjoy the benefits of outdoor reset control without breaking their budget or complicated wiring and installation. Thanks to the HWE-Elite and SEQ-3 Series. These controls can manage building temperature using outdoor reset, the most comfortable and efficient means of heat.

Find Your Light Commercial Control Below:

DIGI-SPAN® HWE-Elite & SEQ-3 For Residential Hot Water Outdoor Reset Boiler and Motorized Valve Heating Controls
DIGI-SPAN®MC-Elite Series Modulating Controls for Current, Voltage, and 135 Ω signals
DIGI-SPAN® RSM-Elite Residential Snow Melt Control
DIGI-SPAN® SPC-Elite Single Set Point Digital Control
DIGI-SPAN®TSC-Elite Two-Stage Digital Set Point Control
DIGI-SPAN® VSP-Elite Variable Speed Pump Outdoor Reset Control
SQ-Elite-8T Sequencing Control for Hydronic and Steam Heating
EPU-D Light Commercial Steam Cycling Control