Heat-Timer® Corporation

Mobile App and Alarm Notification

At a high level, there are really two key area’s where Heat-Timer Genesis® pushes the envelope of capability for a modern heating control. One area is certainly its ability to save small building owners on fuel costs while maintaining even better resident comfort. But the other area is certainly its ability to improve the quality of life, and ease of use for building managers, owners, supers and HVAC technicians alike, owing to its completely internet and mobile enabled interactions.

Heating Control Remote Alarms

One key area is that of remote alarms. Heat-Timer Genesis® can send real-time alarms to designated users via either email or text, or within the free Heat-Timer® Mobile App. Furthermore, alarm thresholds can be set based on user preference. There are also more types of alarms available than ever
before, and these alarms provide instant and clear indication as to what they are and where the problem is located. In many cases an alarm condition can be managed remotely, or a technician can be called, without ever needing to visit the boiler room.

Heat-Timer® Mobile App

From a quality-of-life standpoint, the visibility the free mobile app provides, means that you don’t really have to get off the couch to work a problem. The Mobile App is designed to show building managers a bird’s eye view of their building portfolio and allow them to drill into any property instantly. Small
buildings using Heat-Timer Genesis® can be viewed alongside larger buildings using our Heat-Timer® Platinum Series controls that are BuildingNet enabled.

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