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Product Registration

  1. Registering your Heat-Timer product can help assure that you are getting the most out of your warranty, even if you do not have a proof of purchase date.
  2. Get the support you need from Heat-Timer’s customer service as well as our technical and installation support for applicable products.
  3. Registering your Heat-Timer product will provide you with Proof of Ownership, in case your product is ever lost or stolen.
  4. For terms and conditions, please click here.

**Heat-Timer Corporation does not rent, sell, or lease customer information to third parties.

Product Information

1. What Most influenced Your Purchase?
a. Online Advertising/Websiteb. Recommendation from HVAC Contractorc. Dealer/Store Recommendationd. Friend/Associate Recommendatione. Previous Familiarity with HT-Productsf. Heat-Timer Reputationg. Other
2. What Kind of Building Will This Be Used In?
a. Large Apartment Complex (> 100 units)b. Small Apartment Complex (< 100 units)c. Condominium Buildingd. Hospitale. Hotel or Resort Building(s)f. School or College Campusg. Office Buildingh. Factory/Industrial buildingi. Other

3. Who Specified this Product?
a. Building Manager or Management Companyb. Heating Contractorc. Architect or HVAC Designerd. Consultante. Salespersonf. Other

4. Did You Purchase this Product to Replace another Heating Control?
a. Yes, I’m replacing an existing Heat-Timer Controlb. Yes, I’m replacing a Heating Control from another manufacturerc. No, This is a first time installation of a Heating or DHW control in this building.