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Real Money Saving Example with Heat-Timer® Internet Enabled Controls

In a New York City Co-Op the governing board is controlled by the residents. They approve all important investment decisions related to upgrades and the systems in the building. Many times, the board members have little experience when it comes to decisions regarding the heating control systems for the building. The board at the 100 unit co-op at 15 Hill Park Ave, in Great Neck NY, was lucky however. One of its members is Richard Walden who has over 30 years’ experience working in the electric power industry and knows the technical side of heating systems.

The high cost of fuel and the comfort level in the building were the most common complaints and in response, with Rick’s urging, the board members approved the installation of the Heat-Timer MPC Platinum control, and more recently the upgrade of this unit to our Internet Communications Management System (ICMS). The upgrade installed is a standard upgrade available for all Heat-Timer® Platinum controls.

Putting a Solution In Place

The ICMS upgrade actually consists of two distinct pieces. One is the ability to access and monitor the heating control through an internet site or a mobile app, a tremendous convenience for building managers and supers alike. Another however, is the addition of a proprietary wireless sensor network. This network allows the control to receive data from Space Sensors deployed throughout the building. The Space Sensors report the temperature of various floors and areas of the building, allowing the control to have a view of the entire heating profile of the building in real time. This data, coupled with the normal outdoor reset sensors and sophisticated software control algorithms, gives the control the ability to “learn” the heating characteristics of your building and anticipate boiler firing cycles that strike the perfect balance between resident comfort and fuel usage.

The sensors run on batteries using modern low power technology allows these sensors to have a 10 year battery life. They are typically installed in building area’s at a ratio of about 1 sensor for every 4 to 6 apartments. These  sensors benefit the efficiency of any type of platinum control running any type of boiler, or multiple boiler configuration.

 ICMS Upgrade Results

The results of the conversion and use of the fully configured Heat-Timer® Platinum control were astounding and we won’t spoil it, you can read the full case study here.

With Local Law 97 timetables for NYC buildings driving increased penalties for lack of compliance, there couldn’t be a better time to consider a Heat-Timer® Platinum Control with ICMS upgrade for your building. 

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