Heat-Timer® Corporation

The Heat-Timer Mobile App for Remote Monitoring, Alarms and Control.

Heat Timer Mobile App - 3 The free Heat-Timer® Mobile App is designed to make heating system monitoring and management in your building, as convenient and simple as possible for any property owner/manager or building superintendent.

Many of the most common heating issues in buildings can be diagnosed through our mobile app. Wireless room temperature sensors strategically placed throughout your building give you “at a glance” monitoring of heating system performance, and the ability to adjust key parameters that improve comfort levels without leaving your home or office.

Download our free app from any app store and connect to your Heat-Timer® account to monitor your building or buildings. With the Heat-Timer® Mobile App, you can monitor or adjust the operation of any Heat-Timer® Platinum Control equipped with BuildingNet, our internet control management interface, from your iPhone, Android Phone, or tablet device.

Key Remote Capabilities of the Heat-Timer® App include:

  • Receive preset alarms directly to your mobile device.
  • Monitor all sensors for easier remote diagnosis, allowing validation of possible heat complaints from anywhere.
  • Additional monitoring points can include the water meter, boiler lockout alert, sump pit status, and more.
  • Monitor Domestic Hot Water System Temperature remotely.
  • Ability to remotely turn boilers on or off in real-time.
  • Ability to modify broad Heating Temperature targets and cutoff’s without a boiler room visit.
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For more information on how Heat-Timer® wireless controls and mobile applications are making the lives of building managers, HVAC Techs, and owners easier, call us, or contact our team today.