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Solving the Unique Problems of Large Distributed Heating Systems

In college campus’ or apartment complexes, multiple boilers, multiple boiler rooms and multiple buildings present a real challenge for a complex manager. The tactics employed to keep energy usage at a comfortable minimum are complex and every campus is different, but here are a few of the common issues and solutions faced by these large, distributed, and often older buildings.

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock occurs when water cools down significantly during off times, shocking the boilers with cold water when the system pumps come back on line. Not only does this issue damage the boilers, it can also run the maintenance staff ragged as they fly around the building at all hours of the day and night manually adjusting valves.

Heat-Timer® products helped resolve these problems by providing motorized valves and Hot Water Reset (HWR) controls in each of the boiler plants. The Platinum Series HWR control helped resolve the boiler problems by operating the system based on outdoor air temperature, as opposed to an indoor thermostat reading. This greatly reduced the excessive on/off action of the pumps and saved our client so much in fuel and boiler maintenance that the controls paid for themselves through energy and maintenance savings, in the first months of usage.

Internet and Mobile Alerts and Control

While many campus’ are running some kind of remote connection capability, in some cases a master control room visit is still necessary to visually access information on all boiler rooms and buildings. The state of the art at Heat-Timer® in 2019 has moved way beyond this. Our Building-Net system integrates sensor, valve and boiler control, then provides complete visibility to you through our user friendly mobile app, the internet, or your iPad. Our system provides you instant wireless control of temperature settings while sensor data, diagnostics and alerts can be sent, viewed and changed in real-time.

With Heat-Timer® sophisticated self-learning controls, diagnostic routines run constantly and detect issues before they cause damage, reporting conveniently to you on your mobile device. Furthermore our newest systems allow real time access to up to 13 months of historical data, reports can be selected or customized, and emailed to you at a convenient frequency.

Heat-Timer® Controls are the Right Partner for HVAC Professionals.

If you’re going to spend the time to install and learn a commercial heating control that will address the maximum number and type of commercial jobs, you will never go wrong with Heat-Timer®. From motorized valves, to Steam and Hot Water Heating controls, and Domestic Hot Water Boiler Control solutions, we have the controls to support your best work.

For more information on what kinds of savings you can expect from the installation of a Heat-Timer® control, call our team today.